My budget nowinski from brands NYX and Makeup Revolution: first impressions

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I hope you remember the two posts about the wonderful fragrances from Chanel and Mugler. Besides the fact that perfume, I’m also a beauty maniac with two years. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about what exactly of all my numerous products to write until, in fact, I did not come long-awaited package wrapped with budgetary cosmetics, which I ordered back in July. And then I decided it was fate, and that is best “on a white sheet” go “beginners” collection, since emotions are fresh and I can write the most honestly without any bindings to a particular product.

My it’s beautiful:)

Under your and my close scrutiny of the news from the brands , NYX and Makeup Revolution. And, it is, it’s a lipstick with a very interesting applicator Powder Puff Nyx Lippie, nail lip Slip Tease Nyx Lip Lacquer, two concealer from Makeup Revolution and “nail program”, limitka in collaboration with the British blogger Tammi ClarkeParadise Tropical Palette. Whom relevant data products, ask a cat…

We will begin, perhaps, with Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define. Frankly, I am very skeptical about budget brands and try to avoid them. However, I was motivated to order it the hype around the similarity data of the concealer c nebezyzvestnaya Shape Tape from Tarte, which are on my list hotelok almost in the first row!

Data concealers I have purchased in shades C2 for highlights and C14 as the cream of the sculptor. I was very afraid to “poke” into the shades at random (although, in principle, all my makeup with this method choose), I have fair skin, approximate shade between fair and light with a neutral undertone.

C2 was a light beige hue with a small slightly yellow. Shade came up, just a little lighter skin tone. By the way, please pay attention to hefty applicator, deals quite extensively, it is logical, but the layer is quite thin and has layering. If the Shape Tape to cover closer to the putty, this, say, middling.

C14 I have, as I mentioned earlier, for the “sculpturing”. I can say that the hue is closer to milk chocolate, without a strong rytinki or krasinki, which is good, but definitely cold or even neutral it is also not called. Blendable nice if it is done immediately after application to a specific area. If you leave it any longer, he is slightly fixed and tosawat will be much harder. Zero, incidentally, is also not going away, leaves a light saharny shade that completely suits me in the summer. Winter still, it will be necessary to look for more cold cream sculptor.

So both colors look on the hand in the image of “sloppy stars”.

Light shade applied on almost the entire face in one swipe (closer to the area under the eyes — two swipe). Still specifically for me the density of the coating is poor. Database is not pre-applied, I decided to make a “test” of concealer.

Already a feathered layer on the face.

Under the eyes is to layer… Pores I have not expanded, but the texture is, and quite strongly expressed, on the cheeks closer to the nose. By the way, this concealer has pretty good its stresses, perhaps under the base will behave better.

It is already two layers under the eyes, a little better, but is also “not a fountain”.

Turn shade for sculpting. Apply how can.

Have rashusually 50: 50, since I first put on all of the area, took a picture, and then began to tosevite, and during this time, the concealer has had time to set. There was a slight tan throughout the periphery, and what I’ve achieved, because I’ll still all this stuff to fix dry sculptor.

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In conclusion about these products can say that after 6 hours of the disaster did not happen, the makeup on the face do not roll in any case the situation has not deteriorated.

The rest I will add at the end of the post, and now moving on to the next product — Makeup Revolution x Tammi Tropical Paradise Palette.

The palette itself completely mirrors all around, so I had to cover the “review” sheet of paper. A good design, the only fingerprints, but the situation is not as painful as with the palettes Anastasia Beverly Hills and Lorac, at least with metal you can easily erase all traces.

That’s how the palette looks in the back. Glossy black plastic, much much easier. In the middle of the sticker.

What do we see? The name, the composition, the number of grams of product in each refile (20 soul school at 0.95 grams and 3 refil at 1.1 grams, which is the average among all tinysec), in General throughout the palette 22.3 grams of product. The price for 1 gram sotavlyaet approximately0.57 of the dollarthat is2.5 times lessthan in the same Nyx Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. Shelf life after opening is 12 months (but the practice proves that the powdery products retain their properties for more than5 years). In addition, I will say that this palette is also “cruelty-free” (no animal testing) and “vegan friendly” (kind of like not contain animal products, but who knows), but still produced in Britain. I think it is worth considering…

That’s actually the content itself. The palette consists of23 shades, of which 3 were major (visitsome and rastushevok for light and dark skin). In the palette there is a mirror “in full growth”, that is clearly not cheaper its cost. Above is a film with the names of the shades. Usually the budget brands not really made to bother over the fact that the shades have to be names, so for that thank you.

The palette really has a kind of beauty, but a direct “tropical” to call it complicated. Otherwise here there would be blue, green, yellow matte shades, all sorts of “popjustice-Blacklock”, “elettrici” and other tropical stuff. A number of finishes this beauty does not Shine, there is only himernye (11 pieces) and Matt (12 pieces) colors.

Detailed photos with switchme, I photographed not one shade, and across sectors, faster and easier IMHO.

Sector 1: hue to consolidate a base of Coconut Cream (matte ivory), shades-military Pinacolada (light beige shimmer with a picture) and Moonlight (cool white shimmer with serebrynoy), Queen Lou (pink-plum-shimmer platinum light), Enchanting (rose copper shimmer), Tropical (matte brick red), Burning Heat (copper shimmer).

Sector 2: rastushevok Nutmeg (medium brown with a slightly yellow, opaque), Coralline (matte Burgundy, leaving in “Malinka-rotovisco”), Majestic (dusty brown, Burgundy, matte), Exotic (ochre warm gold shimmer),Paradise (olive-herb with Golden tints, shimmer), Caribbean (bright salmon-pink with a Golden sheen, shimmer), Carnival (plum-pink shimmer), Puppy Purps (plum-brown matte), Golden Sands (yellow gold with some greenish colour, shimmer).

Sector 3: rastushevokIsle of Spice (warm red-brown matte), Treasure (pink bronze shimmer), Rainforest (cool dark green matte), Adventure (medium brown matte), Waterfall (warm blue matte), Rich Soil (gray-brown matte), Midnight Stroll (black matte).

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A few words about the application. When I first purchased the palette, then immediately rushed to do a Swatch with your finger (my hamster a month waiting for like), urinals and thought, “well what the f**** I took…”. Brush the situation was a little better (weird, right?). First makeover was just not Oh, and I also concealer C2 replaced the base under the shade, looked very dull and dirty, a shimmer at all, even no words to describe: in short, Kaka. But when I went to do the makeup for a selfie, I realized that it is not already this palette bad. Just need to use a base under shadows, that’s all, and even a little “ponasilovat” Reily, as it turns out, a sad top layer hides quite a decent texture. By the way, the shadows themselves are chalky, shimmer applied with lumps, but if you grind, you get more or less. With Matt, things are better: the palettes they are in principle suitable. Although the shimmer in the production of easier to bring in the divine form, Oh well…

Here’s a makeover I did using this palette, and it not a limit. Gamma allows you to make something decent, and it pleases.

By the way, I’m going to put in the category of”Beautiful makeup” the process of creating this “tutorial” (if you can call it that). And finally, lipstick.

The first under my “sight” was the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie. Look what a cool thing (I’m on the Ottoman). As soon as the lipstick went on sale, I immediately began to search for various videos from switchme, in order to assess at least roughly, on what is capable this product. And I’ll lie, I suppose, if I say that this little sponge that’s generally never played a role in my purchase!

I enclose a photo of the back, where it is written in different languages the use of the product (and then suddenly someone does not understand), the number of shade where produced and the timing after opening. In principle, as for Nikolskogo product unusual. I have shade Squad Goals (warm dusty pink).

By the way, when you purchase puff was pristine, and had pretty much press on the tube and wait a bit until the product comes out. If you got the lipstick already stained puffy, it seems, until you have someone yuzal or swatchel. Apply this on the lips quite adequately, however, is translucent, so if you are the owner of chubby guberek “a La Loboda,” but want to create extra volume, I recommend first to use the pencil. And it will be something like this…

Our next guest is Polish for lips Nyx Lip Lacquer Slip Tease. I decided to leave for dessert. I really like the box, looks not cheap, and quite presentable, as for a budget product. The design of the label is somewhat reminiscent of Lip Lingerie, though the classic version of the Slip Tease and shape of the packaging is identical.

Here is given information about the name and number of shade, periods after opening, the place of production and so on. In fact, all the relevant inscriptions on the Nyx Powder Puff.

That’s so cool he’s got the applicator for application. Figure, which is very convenient, too much of the product will not cause.

I have shade Strawberry Whip, cooler, morepink-purple. I think Slav this color will be a great success. The glitter is very comfortable feel on the lips, and, most importantly, hedoes NOT STICK! For me it is a very important characteristic of the product category, as you know. Unfortunately, the glitter I can not use, hate the feeling of sticky lips, especially when you have long hair, and on the street and windy weather… Well, okay, for me it’s the perfect budget option. And by the way, during the day the nail Polish does not spread, which is a very nice bonus.

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By the way, here’s a Swatch of both products on hand. Hearts I have obtained smoother than the stars.

So, we turn toevaluating products. Believe me, I have something to say.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define. My rating this product 4 out of 5 points. For me this is not a perfect concealer and I, frankly, don’t really understand this enthusiasm about him. The one significant plus is the price, which on the official site is 4 pound. I got it for ridiculous money — from 126 UAH per thing (about 310 rubles). Of the downsides of the product can identify two important coverage is insufficient and emphasize the texture of the skin, which is also important. Most likely, I’ll use a lighter shade only as highlights, it bruises me and is not blocked. Dark shade will be used as the substrate under dry sculptor and a bronzer and in the summer, as the shade suggests to make you a true bronze beauty.

Makeup Revolution x Tammi Tropical Paradise Palette. My rating this product 4 out of 5 points. Still not good enough this palette for me personally. Shimmer’s pretty faded and even using the wet method of application they are in no hurry to become brighter, alas. To Matt I have less claims, they do not raise dust and well shaded. However, without the shedding not enough. Black shade is really sad and malopigmentirovannye. Of course, I’m still very impressed with this palette, hurry to sell will not (as I have her here wanted to do). Price on official website is $ 10, this limited edition. I personally got it for 300 UAH (about 750 rubles).

Nyx Powder Puff Lippie. My rating this product 4 out of 5 points. As you can see, I’m terribly predictable in its judgments and estimates. I would like to put this lipstick 3 points, but I was impressed with the outstanding packaging design, and this my dear sponge. Another of the benefits can highlight the feeling of “nikatinka” on the lips, very soft texture that literally melts upon contact with lips. However, for me the significant drawback is a fairly low coverage, for the path much of it is not clear, and as for the “dust” is really not that high pigmentation. The price on the official website — $ 8, with delivery of about 650 rubles, which is not so little for a budget product with a quite low content.

Slip Tease Nyx Lip lacquer. My rating of this product5 out of 5 possible points! Yes, his eyes do not fail, at least one product I evaluated at the highest level. This “roundabout”, I dedicate to the sense of comfort and “stickiness” on the lips. Yeah, baby, for me it’s the best ratio quality/price product in the category of “lip gloss“. I plan to buy a dozen shades (fortunately, they are in the lineup as much as 24 pieces). The price of the product on the official website — $ 7. Delivery is approximately in the region of 560 rubles.

Thank you for your attention, I hope I often please you with delicious reviews, because I love makeup and everything connected with it.

I’m Anya (Anush), and me on “you”. See you soon!

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