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It is difficult to find a girl who would not know these tools. I’ve been holding back, so nothing to write about them, but I failed. I also want to share how these magic wand help me


Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula alcogol-free toner Rose Petal

Thayers Toner alcohol-free formula of Hamamelis and aloe Vera Rose Petal.

Just want to say that my skin is dry, sensitive, without rash, but with a little rosacea. But in certain well-known days of the month rashes are not forced to wait long. Not exactly forced, because I now have my favorite tonic. I don’t know, frankly, how it turns, but on my skin tonic works just fine. I use it every day, but only for two weeks, I need a Tonic I use for years and was repeatedly those moments when the tool is ended, and send no more. It is in these moments I realized that I have to replace it is unlikely to succeed, and do not want.

Cleanses and refreshes skin toner is fine.


This shampoo I like and no complaints. Also for me is important that in the no alcohol.

The cover is quite convenient and excessive consumption of resources no. Never shed unnecessary due to the very narrow spout.

Himself tonic — clear waters with the scent of roses. Not Intrusive and not a chemical. Tonic is quite nice, it smells like roses, I like it, though the smell of roses in cosmetics I don’t like.

In conclusion I wish to say that this lotion I forgot about inflammation and rash during PMS. Currently, I don’t want to part with it at all.

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Price: 9,31 $

My rating: 5

Carmex Classic Lip Balm Medicated Cherry

Carmex Classic lip balm cherry SPF 15

This balm is always with me, wherever I was — at home, traveling, visiting in winter and summer.

This balm helps me with the dryness of the skin of the lips, good heals cracked lips, helps with chapping lips. In other words, emergency aid. And this balm works quickly, in one night can significantly improve the skin condition of the lips.


The balm translucent, quite thick. However, in contact with skin it melts and fits well. The bad fat in moderation. Unpleasant sensations and wild desire to quickly erase all of the lips causes. After some time after the application starts to pinch, or even no, more like cold sponges. But it’s not annoying and not annoying.

But the smell is not very. Although this is understandable, since the balm, you can say healing. Pharmacy smell more than cosmetic, though the cherry felt.

This balm I repeat several times.

Price: 2 $

My rating: 5

Perhaps You, too, have their constant Pets? Share them)

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