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I want to tell you about the tools that I ran out in the summer / fall of 2018!

Funds will be a lot of descriptions are short.

All an enjoyable read!

Describe 33 cosmetics that I have divided into groups for convenience. Of course, I used more makeup, but different case, cloth masks, small items of decorative cosmetics could I forget to put a package of pacifiers.

Face washing and make up removal

1) Vichy Normaderm Daily deep cleansing gel cleanser

This cleanser I was not really impressed: it is quite good with cleansing after sports (not all umywalki well suited for cleansing the face from sweat and prevent the appearance of comedones), but had an unpleasant odor. Skin this product does not dry but also not moisturizing, remember nothing special.

Price: 860 roubles for 200 ml, I have a miniature.

Re-purchase: no.

2) TonyMoly Panda’s dream sherbet cleanser cleanser

This hydrophilic oil makeup remover, which is not exactly suitable for removing makeup around the eyes (began to sting my eyes even when massaging of the cheeks). As with all hydrophilic oil leaves an oily film that dissolves makeup quickly melts in the hands. Has an unpleasant smell, so the purchase will not repeat. The disadvantages include bulky packaging, the oil is less than 1/3.

Price: 1000 rubles for 90 ml.

Re-purchase: no

3) Avene Cleanance Cleansing gel cleansing gel for the face

This gel cleanser I really liked it, it slightly foams, gently cleanses the skin, not dry skin. Very pleased that this remedy improves the skin condition, for example, inflammation on the face much faster passed, although special tools I did not use.

Price: 850 rubles per 200 ml, I have a miniature.

Re-purchase: definitely Yes.


4) The body shop British Rose Petal’soft gel Toner gel facial toner British rose

This is 250ml of happiness and my favorite The body shop! One of the best moisturizers, toners in my memory, it has a gel texture and small pieces of rose petals. Consumed very sparingly. Умопомрачительныv has a rose scent, removes dryness and feeling of tightness. Sometimes used it as a gel mask, also copes with its functions. Probably would not recommend it to people with sensitive skin.

Price: 890 roubles for 250 ml.

Re-purchase: definitely Yes.

5) L’occitane Immortelle essential water is a cleansing tonic without alcohol

Absolutely loved this facial toner due to its very sharp flavor. No special effect I haven’t noticed a dryness of skin toner even caused discomfort. In General, I’m absolutely not inspired to buy certainly will not.

Price: 1890 rubles for 200 ml.

Re-purchase: no.

6) Secret Key Rose floral softening toner softening toner

Second poslete body shop product for toning skin, which I love! This toner also has a seductive aroma of rose, perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin. Suitable for all skin types, I tried it on severely inflamed skin of a teenager and dry skin mom’s, and my combination (oily T-zone and dry cheeks).

Price: 450 rubles for 250 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes, certainly.


7)Hello Beauty hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid

Like other serums, this Russian brand, my copy did not cause me any emotions. Can’t say nothing good and nothing bad: the skin has not deteriorated, but has not improved. The serum has no fragrance, quite liquid, there are 2 sizes: 10 and 30 ml, which is convenient for travelers with the brand. By the way the bottle is made of plastic (this is a first!).

Price: 199 roubles per 10 ml.

Re-purchase: no.

8) Elizavecca Hell-pore control Hyaluronic Acid 97% hyaluronic serum

This is one of the few serums that really works. It transforms the skin, I feel and hydration, and comfort, I see a gradual cleansing and tightening pores. By the end of the first bottle the skin was noticeably more pleasant to the touch!

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The serum has no fragrance, lives in a glass bottle with a dropper and has a very liquid texture.

Price: 870 roubles for 50 ml.

Re-purchase: definitely Yes.

9) It’s skin VB Effector with vitamin serum for regulating skin oiliness

Bought this serum for samoregulyacii, but with this feature it failed. My face has not ceased to Shine, the pores remained the same size, no changes in terms of fat content was not observed. However, I almost immediately noticed the improvement of skin in terms of moisture, the area around the nose has stopped flaking. The serum has a light floral fragrance.

Price: 750 rubles for 30 ml.

Re-purchase: probably not.

10) Shiseido Ibuki refining moisturize Leveling the surface of the skin moisturizing emulsion

Emulsion-like lotion, quite thick, slightly tingling the skin during application. Has a very light scent and almost does not change the condition of my skin. It is fair to say that the tool works great for aged skin, older colleagues really praise her and do have positive results.

Price: 4740 rubles for 75 ml, I had a miniature.

Re-purchase: no.

Creams for face

11) Origins Ginzing Ultra-Hydrating, Energy-Boosting Cream moisturizing face cream

The cream has gel texture is very light, smells sweet orange refreshes the skin. Immediately after application, creates a feeling of deep moisture, however, after only half an hour this sensation goes away. I like to use it in the summer when you do not want to use oily creams, but you need light hydration.

Price:1650 rubles for 50 ml.

Re-purchase: probably Yes, for the summer.

12) Clinique All About Eyes cream for skin care around the eyes.

One of my favorite creams for the eyes. Has the lightest texture, unscented. Well distributed over centuries, quickly absorbed, deeply moisturizes. It none of my concealer does not accentuate wrinkles or dry skin! Perhaps the cold period is not suitable, but on warm season-perfect! For the winter period or the holders of more dry skin there is a dense version, more buttery, which is called rich.

Price: 3000 for 15 ml.

Re-purchase: definitely Yes.

13)Clinique Pep-Start HydroRush Moisturizer SPF 20 face cream with sun protection

As a means to protect the skin from sunburn it is good, but as a moisturizer for the face is just horrible. The cream is very thick, if you turn the jar, he did not even think to escape. It is poorly distributed over the face, unpleasant smells (I know a lot of SPF creams with nice fragrance and a more liquid texture), very greasy. Wear this cream in the city I find it impossible, with his runs cosmetics (concealer & blush permanently migrated).

Price: 1350 rubles for 30 ml.

Re-purchase: definitely not.

14) Bamboo Crème Erborian Frappée Skin Reviving Fresh Gel bamboo cream frappe

The cream has the texture of porridge, as at the same time and gel, and has some strange seals. Almost no smell, not moisturizing (for oily skin), stated in the announcement of freshness I also felt.

Price: 3100 rubles for 50 ml.

Re-purchase: definitely not.

15) The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream Nourishing night cream “Vitamin E”

Finished the second jar of night cream, wrote a detailed post about it here. The cream is working, there is nothing specific, but I use them when I’m not sure what to do. If you overdo it with him, then in the morning there is a feeling of stickiness.

Price: 790 rubles for 50 ml.

Re-purchase: probably Yes.

16) Avene Cleanance expert emulsion emultion Sebo-regulating

Has a very pleasant non-greasy texture, perfectly removes the imperfections of the skin, smells good. The tool is quickly absorbed and has a matte finish. The downside is the whimsical storage: I bought the tool 2 times and each time after 3-4 months after the opening of the emulsion “died” (changed color, odor and texture), despite the fact that the period specified is 6 months, I kept it in a cool dark drawer.

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Price: 900 rubles for 40 ml.

Re-purchase: maybe.


17) Kicks beauty Detox clearing mud mask clay purifying mask

Mask very much. Despite the fact that it is clay, it dries on my face, nice smell of fruit. At the same time it cleanses, and gently moisturizes the pores with it remained in good condition. Packing enough for about 8 uses.

Price: 49 SEK, or about 400 rubles for 40 ml.

Re-purchase: maybe.

18)L’oreal Paris face Mask-scrub for face “Magic of Clay” exfoliation and pore constriction

A good mask with a pleasant aroma, but I have not noticed any transformation of the skin during application. It is also clay that are not cemented on the face has the texture of sour cream. Small particles in the well exfoliate dead skin, but since I’m phasing out mechanical facial scrubs, you will not buy any more.

Price:560 roubles for 50 ml.

Re-purchase: no.

19) L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Anti-blemish mask clay mask imperfections

Another mask from the Magic of clay, which did not work in Russia, I wrote a post about it here, this is my favorite mask is L’oreal. The mask smells great, brightens up the skin, removes inflammation, has awesome color (very photogenic!).

Price: 129 sek or about 900 rubles for 50 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes, already bought.

20) Origins Clear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores cleansing facial mask with bamboo charcoal

Tool I liked, unlike the similar black mask L’oreal Magic clay it does not dry the skin, cleans the pores, tightens them significantly. I like that she also has Sebo-regulating effect, that is, after the skin a couple of days less thick (so as not too dry).

Price: 1050 rubles for 50 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes.

21) Anskin Green tea modeling mask Balance & Calming algae mask soothing and antioxidant with green tea extract

This is my favorite firm about this item! This mask is simple to use, stir well pasta, which quickly froze in the face, was filmed in one piece and not crumble. Always put the serum under the mask and enjoyed 15-25 minutes, the skin is much more nourished and smooth. The disadvantages can be attributed only to the lack of measuring Cup and spatula in the set.

Price: 550 rubles for 700 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes.

Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing body

22) SNP Fruit sorbet Mango Ice Cream fruit Sorbet

Loved this tool its easy and quick absorption. A great mousse-sorbet with a rich aroma to hydrate the skin in summer. Has a light cooling effect. Helps fight poverkhnostnoi dry, but serious problems will not solve. Provided that it’s sorbet for the face and body, but I used it only on the body.

Price: 500 rubles for 200 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes.

23) Yves Rocher Coconut hand cream hand cream with the scent of coconut

Normal, light enough hand cream in the warm season. Caused no special emotion, may try the same with other flavors.

Price: 169 rubles for 30 ml.

Re-purchase: maybe.

24) The body shop British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub gel for the body crab British rose

Despite the fact that gel toner from the line of The body shop British Rose is my favorite scrub from this line failed from the word altogether. Has very small particles that are not even felt on the skin. The ratio of pink jelly and “scrubbing” particles of about 3:1, that is, the feeling that you just smeared gel. The tool has a pleasant fragrance, moisturizes well, and generally resembles a rinse-off body mask than a scrub. The flow of money is very large, no exfoliating effect, so I will not repeat.

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Price: 890 roubles for 250 ml.

Re-purchase: definitely not.

25) body lotion EOS berry blossom hand lotion and body

Very nice body lotion that is quickly absorbed and does not leave a film or streaks. One of the best products the EOS, the texture is very similar to the hand cream from this company. Has a pleasant aroma of berries, quite fast spent. The only negative – hard packaging which is difficult to scrape the remnants of the cream.

Price: 400 rubles for 350 ml, sold in Russia as much as with a triple wrap.

Re-purchase: Yes.

26) The ritual of The Rituals Happy Buddha Foaming shower gel, foaming shower gel with the scent of orange and cedar

The tool itself is a clear gel that is enclosed in a metal bottle, like hairspray. In contact with water the gel turns into a large white foam. The texture is very pleasant, well-moisturizes the skin without leaving a film.It should be noted that all means The Rituals have a very strong flavor (on par with British LUSH), so I can clash with perfume.

Price: 8.5 Euro, or about 650 rubles for 200 ml.

Re-purchase: maybe.

27)The ritual of The Rituals sakura body scrub body scrub with the scent of cherry blossom and rice milk

The scrub is quite weak, but pleasant and still exfoliates the skin. Is enough easy compared to the previous means flavor. Easy to rinse, nourishes the skin, leaves no greasy film.

Price: 19,5 € for 125g, I have a miniature.

Re-purchase: Yes if set.

28) dermosensitive Sanex deo stick deodorant

Absolutely did not like this deodorant even despite the fact that it has a good composition: contains salts alumiinia, parabens and alcohol. It is very unpleasant smells something sour, modifies the natural smell of sweat and in the end we have wet armpits, a strange mixture of odors and discomfort.

Price: around 10 Euro or 760 rubles for 75ml.

Re-purchase: definitely not.

29) Coswell shower gel “Orange”

Very nice shower gel resembles jelly in texture. Perfectly cleanses the skin, tones, nakhimosky the aroma of orange is very invigorating. The gel does not dry the skin and not very foamy. The lineup includes a lot of different flavors.

Price: 136 roubles for 250 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes.

Cleansing the hair

30)Sim sensitive system 4shale oil shampoo therapeutic shampoo No. 4

Really liked this shampoo! It perfectly clears hair and a head skin, eliminates sebaceous plugs and improves seboregulating. With him I began to wash her hair not 3, but 1-2 times a week. Has a cooling effect, quite a bit of smells of mint. I think that as a daily shampoo it will not work, but as a treatment oily scalp – fine.

Price: 500 rubles for 100 ml or 1800 rubles per 500 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes.

31) La dor LPP keratin Shampoo keratin shampoo

I don’t appreciate this Korean shampoo, since not noticed any changes. The manufacturer claimed that hydrolyzed silk protein and will fill the voids in the scales of hair, make them shiny, silky and elastic, but this did not happen. A good shampoo cleanses your hair, normal foam, does not weigh down the hair, but special effects has not.

Price: 440 rubles for 150 ml.

Re-purchase: no.

32) Batiste dry shampoo luxe dry shampoo for hair

Batiste dry shampoos I use for a long time, they usually work well, help to quickly remove the Shine from the hair. This instance is no exception, but aremt luxe I didn’t like, as it is very strong and reminiscent of men’s Cologne.

Price: 650 rubles for 200 ml.

Re-purchase: Yes, but with a different flavor.

Have You used these funds? Is there one among those your Pets? How much you use cosmetics?

Thank you to everyone who read!

I-Natasha, you’re on to me 🙂

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