My favorite allochernes plum L’oréal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Nail Polish in shade Blake’s Pure Red


Today we will talk about one of my favorite varnishes. Meet L’oréal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Nail Polish in shade Blake’s Pure Red.

The nail Polish I bought in the fall of 2014 in the red recently, at the time, appeared in the collection from L’oreal — Collection Exclusive Pure Reds. Today, at the end of 2018, I still love the movie, Blake lively, others 2 instance (from Doutzen Croesus and j-Lo) now live at mom’s. No, they were good, but I wasn’t getting better. And this… Well, not that is, but just like I gotten really attached to it, that he decided not to leave. And analogue to it, though, and a dime a dozen, I own another perfect cool wine-plum shade was never found. Oh, to find him, this clone, this copy, at the moment not available to me…

As to the behavior of this instance — I will not lie, it leaves much to be desired. The lacquer thickens quickly in the bottle, doesn’t actually completely bald, but unevenly and in the photo it shows. The benefit in the life of this unevenness is inconspicuous. In this case, the old instance can saputiit, but for only purchased I had ever seen.

Own a good gloss. Dries fairly quickly but not as quickly as we would like. Brush comfortable, generous, but in my case — not perfect, some hairs sticking out and bothering to draw a perfect line along the cuticle. Durability is average, not bad, but wiping the tips with my top off quickly — within a couple of days. Like many lucky in such colours slightly stain the nail plate.

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Paint applied in two layers

And now about the color… It’s not the color, and song! Stylish, delicious, beautiful, and bold. Very deep. Autumn or winter. No shimmer and no reflecting particles. Someone will say — simple, and I partly agree. But not all lucky to be complicated and need such a concise and winning colors that almost go with everything. And then, it is just a simple varnish can boast such a great color balance, and this can! Just a little cold, but without the excesses. It is self contained and does not require interesting tops, which he would have been beaten, some additional embellishments and designs (and well — I am not strong ????). It is so good that I’m saving my small bottle as the Apple of his eye, because the unknown will catch him again or not.

Absolutely all the photos in the post and paint, and manicures photographed in natural daylight, in front of the window, of course, without using the flash ????

Small compared to other varnishes in order to demonstrate the degree of “blueness” morealaska instance. Next to the Guerlain La Laque Nail Couleur in shade 860 Madame Batifole and Chanel Le Vernis in shade 609 Coup de Coeur.

Total: this copy is one of my favorite obolochechnykh cool red tones. Aromatic plum wine or jam, which tastes best is the frosty winter evenings drinking strong black tea — that’s what I associate this shade. Aged deep winter color that I want to repeat again and again with each new onset of the first winter cold 🙂

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Testing period: 4 years

Price: about 200 rubles

Rating: 5+ — color, 3- —

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