My favorite budget tool. Soothing toner for skin prone to the appearance of unsightly redness from Green Mama

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Of course, more relevant in the winter to tell you about the acidic toners. But since I’m more “do not sit”, I want to share with you my recent find in the budget segment.

Brand Green Mama is very well suited for young or smooth leather. Beauticians that I was one voice she was recommended to me (especially when I was young and beautiful as a may rose) as care that does not harm, natural, mixed, overall, a solid five!

I have tried several creams of this brand, but for me they were all too heavy, dense and greasy, no one tube is not smeared on the face to the last drop, always “had finished” heel. But cleansers and masochki I love and bought for a change.

Under unsightly redness, which should fight tonic manufacturer meant rosacea. I’m in the store I looked up and noticed a lot of components that needs to calm skin, remove irritation and redness (apart from rosacea). So I strongly dragged the jar at the cashier, having no rosacea at the same time (thank God!).

In addition to suppression of the capillary mesh on the face of the product promises to fight pigmentation, but something of the position of vitamin C in the composition is not enviable, its concentration is under a big question, as well as the possibility of tonic to lighten the spots. But many of the composition marked with an asterisk, that is, are of vegetable origin. I like it a lot!

Tonic is Packed in a fairly pot-bellied plastic jug. As much as 300 ml. On top there is a dispenser, he never had a problem pouring the right amount and the right place and not passing on the floor. Cap tightly screwed on top, on the road with them I will still not take tonic, but I’m sure the trip will he survive. Although and twist it back and forth quite a chore every time I got used to the snaps thing.

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For some reason I thought the liquid in the bottle such a bright color of a sea wave, but no, it turned out that it is only the package itself is such a tonic is absolutely transparent. And, by the way, before a series of “Sea garden” were packaged in transparent containers, so if you’re familiar with the product, keep in mind that he just changed.

Tonics always perceived as something very liquid and watery, often also containing some alcohol and leaving behind the dryness on my face. This product I would say probably the lotionbecause it has a little fatty texture. Here is a direct quite a bit, but it’s definitely not just water. Aroma pronounced minty due to the peppermint extract in the composition. By the way, I used that in the composition of peppermint cools the skin, but then this does not happen, only a pleasant smell.

A detailed view

My skin: wear this 26 year old, combined, in General, normal, oily in the T-zone, in winter more prone to dryness, dehydration even, odd rashes that are associated with the cycle, the pores slightly expanded, but not clogged, there is redness on the cheeks and post-acne.

This toner I wipe my face in the morning to flush accumulated during the night the dust layer and prepare the skin care and makeup. In the first few seconds the face becomes pinkish like I’m actively rubbed or dipped in a bowl of ice. Then the skin acquires a uniform color, leaves redness on the cheeks that I see in the mirror every morning (if anyone knows what this is and how to get help in the comments), the face becomes pleasant velvety to the touch. The soothing effect is most strongly expressed in the tonic, for example, inflammation him heal faster, but I also noticed that he very carefully moisturizes the skin. No, he will not replace even in the summer, but definitely easy and pleasant moisturizing give. No stickiness does not leave after themselves, and subsequent maintenance does not conflict, I’m using Uriage Hyseac A. I. in the morning.

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In short, this is a very nice soothing water, perfect for morning cleansing. Makeup toner is unable to cope, he comes not only as the first stage of purification. On the packaging there is no instructions for what skin type the product is intended, but I feel that it will suit any type of skin, because smooth skin type: dry to very dry skin, soothe sensitive and not to overload fat. He was, incidentally, with the irritation on my face after shaving (no, the beard shaved off I’m not, if that).

In the store I grabbed him, as usual, without looking, in a kind of stupor. And then began to read him the reviews. Found a lot of very positive stories about what the tonic really helps with rosacea, voteresults there is very impressive! To imagine this effect I could not verify (what, perhaps, fortunately), but if the tool really works, but still for the money, it’s just a fairy tale! Personally, I liked the effect of the tonic on my skin almost seamlessly, so I feel it recommend.

180₽цена10/10оценка4 weeks, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, without any problemsComposition: demineralized Water, glycerin*, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil*, boric acid, fucus extract*, hops extract*, horse chestnut extract* grape seed oil*, D-panthenol, allantoin*, peppermint essential oil*, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, tetrasodium salt EDTA, Methylisothiazolinone, dietilenglicol, PEG-20 (glyceridae), perfume. * is a product of plant origin.

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