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The arrows I learned to draw with gel eyeliners, and still consider them the most comfortable for beginners. Take a flat angled brush, put it on the edge of the continuation of the lower eyelid, and voila — tail ready. I then moved on to the classic versions with thin brushes, which need to dip into the bottle with the liquid eyeliner. Then in my makeup came Alinari with felt tassels. They quickly Majilis and failed after a month. Finally, the search for an ideal format of the hoses was a success! These liners have divided my makeup into “before” and “after”.

A distinctive feature of these aylaynerom — tonchaishii the tip, consisting of many hairs. These brushes do not shove, do not flake even after six months of use. Ink is supplied to the brush evenly, and it is really long.

I know of a few firms producing similar aylaynera. Comes to mind only L’oreal So Couture (good, but the color intensity is lost in comparison with my Pets), Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum and ArtDeco High Precision Liquid Liner. That’s about the last two today and I’ll tell you.

For me, these eyeliners are the same! They have the same vials, including the design, color and amount of product, same brush, same shades, and in the end — same result. The difference is that Physicians Formula promises strengthening and lengthening lashes, although this effect I have not noticed.

Eyeliner available in two shades: black and deep brown. They are both good! I prefer to have two of them at once for different variants of makeup.

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Alinari easy to use. They can draw an arrow of any thickness.

Firmness on my eyelids — one of the highest of all the pipes that I previously tried. From morning till evening the tail of the arrow remains with me.

By the way, these hoses are well kept, not only at a young age but also on age. For many years mom husband tormented with the problem of the spreading of the liner, wrinkles. Once I gave her PF, and since then she always ordered them. Says it’s the best eyeliner in her life)).

There is one point. A couple of times I bought the eyeliner in one of the networks of cosmetics and perfumes and ran across a rather low quality samples. Alinari were dried up and gave no rich result. Probably, business in storage in bright light, the temperature of the room and something else. When ordering online from the famous website had no such problems.

the thickness of the line

One bottle is Physicians Formula or Artdeco enough for me for 6-8 months of use (though it is worth saying that the arrows I draw a couple of times a week). Store best in a glass with a brush down. I am very pleased with them! And I think they are the best. I recommend to try you!

the clarity of lines
easy to use
the possibility of creating thin lines
rich color

comparison of brown and black shades

Physicians Formula

My rating: 5+

Volume: 0.5 ml

Cost: approx 700 RUB.

Term of use: more than a year


My rating: 5+

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Volume: 0.5 ml

Cost: approx. 1250 RUB.

Term of use: more than two years

And you know brands producing similar iliary?

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