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Today I’d like to tell you about two tools that impressed me, which we gladly use now and I definitely want to repeat. Welcome!

Gel for L’occitane Shower Body Oil 10% Shea Oil Shea butter

It all started with this tool, when I felt a line with Shea butter. L’occitane say that their product uses a high quality Shea butter from Burkina Faso. Just want to note that in all representatives of this series a similar flavor Shea, personally, for my taste it’s amazing. Describe it difficult if you have not tried it, I advise you to get acquainted. However, I immediately appreciated the aroma, from the very beginning I liked the almond line, especially in the famous almond oil for the shower. I occasionally bought it five years until until I found out that L’occitane, it turns out, there are other oils for the shower. And that’s with 10% Shea impressed me even more than the famous almond best seller. Don’t want to offend, almond butter is just amazing, but when you get sick of it some even a favorite tool, I want something more.

I note only one drawback (will continue to be only laudatory odes) — vials of this oil is not very convenient lid with wet hands in the shower to open it every time is difficult. However, once I got the hang of it its not to close to the end, and the problem disappeared, but for an objective opinion I can not mention this nuance.

Well, more pleasant. The design of all L’occitane products I really like, and this mix is especially good. The paper label, but it did not spoil from contact with the water, this is some very high quality paper. At the time the photo tool was in active use for the past two months. The consumption of butter is not very big, it seemed less than that of almond oil. Consistency is the hero of the post is a little thicker. I think the everyday is not abundant enough to use it a month or two or three. The texture of it is simply delightful, fragrant oil thickly envelops your skin and when in contact with water turns into liquid milk. Does not foam but it cleanses well enough for me. Very suitable for shaving, someone important. I first decided that I am still going to alternate the oil with soap and water or the more usual shower gel, but I was so delighted with him that nothing else I want, so now use almost every day. It’s not just a cleanser for the soul and relaxation and aromatherapy. After application, the skin soft, hydrated, smooth, are dry and peeling, the skin doesn’t even require applying the cream. But, I can’t help but apply after a shower my second favorite now…

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Light body cream L’occitane Ultra Light Body Cream 5% Shea Butter Shea butter

The cream is packaged in a convenient jar with a screw-cap, here everything is convenient, long will not describe. What should stop is the texture. You know, there are air curds? Here is a tool that looks edible) Is airy, and sufficiently dense souffle, which is in contact with the skin turns into a really light cream. Try it in the store, I immediately thought that this tool will be hard, but when applied on the skin the magic happens, the cream becomes weightless, quickly and easily distributed and quickly absorbed, leaving the aroma. After a couple of minutes to put on clothes. I love this tool, I like it all, from the texture and the finishing effect. The skin after it is moistened, well-groomed. Here 5% of Shea butter, is, by the way, and more thick cream with 25% and if I’m not mistaken, there is a very dense oil 70%, it is way too amazing. But for summer I chose a light cream. By the way, even light cream nourishes the skin — for those who are constantly suffering from dry feet, this series of tools can be a lifesaver advise from the heart! And yet, these skincare with Shea very well restore the skin, including after sun.

Can notice a rather high consumption of this means, I think it’s because of the texture, and I want to “scoop up” more. But maybe I’m just too wasteful with this cream, as I really like it. And another helpful caveat, these funds are quite suitable for men.

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Rating: 5+ both tools and my endless love

Period of use: both around 2 months

Price: oil — 1690р. 250 ml cream 3100р for 200 ml.

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