My favorite makeup. A small photo lesson

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Hello! Today I want to show a little photo lesson.

This option I use it very often, Yes what here to speak, almost always. It is quite simple, to do not long and money is required not so much.

So, the tools that we need:

  • Palette with Smashbox shadows Cover shot: Punked;
  • Eyebrow Styling Kit I Liked
  • Base under the shadow of ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base;
  • Inglot AMC Eyeliner gel;
  • Mascara Vivienne sabo Cabaret;
  • Concealer make-up Art Miracle Touch
  • Rooms noted shades, which are involved in this makeover.

    I say at once that I just use a certain pattern of application, and what colors (what palette), it’s just the mood.

    And here are the brushes I needed (top to bottom):

  • MAC 217;
  • Manly Pro 32е;
  • , 5., 6. unnamed brush
  • Code Color or sometimes use MAC 219
  • I’m used to start your make-up tones, and then move on to the eyes. Yes, of course, because of this we have more carefully paint over the eyes, but I see this as only a plus.

    • I have drawn the eyebrow palette Eyebrow Styling Kit I liked and secured BrowFix gel I liked (the General picture of this gel is not, as he is not particularly attractive — muddy and shabby). Over the entire lid and under brow applied a base for shadows Artdeco, it gleams slightly.

    • The next step is drawing the folds. Brush Manly Pro 32е and shade No. 1 from the palette Smashbox. It is here in the crease is gray-purple hue, other occasions can use a light brown (for example, VG Professional Make Up Eyeshadow in shade 71), pink plum (Mac Encheese from The Balm Appetite). The crease usually start drawing from approximately the middle of the eye towards the outer corner, round off and getting down on my lower eyelid.
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    • The external border of crease shade, and the area under the eyebrow I stain shade number 3 — matte black (brush unnamed also under the third number). However the area under the eyebrow I use most often himernye colors, especially my favorite — Fabulous from TheBalm Nude ‘dude.
    • On the fixed eyelid apply the main shade, number 2. Flat brush, bristle of medium length, on the fifth photo. I’ll note that the color is not particularly principled, often use silver gray, pink gray, purple or dark.

    • The outer corner of my eye I darken using a brush WT and dark shade from the palette is number 4, in fact, shade just darken the outer corner, but practically will not give its color. Lower eyelid I am also a darkening stain, using a brush pencil Color Code. Usually I have duplicated the main cast (number 2).

    • Finishing touch, sometimes without it, arrow. Here nameless beveled brush No. 6 in the photo above and eyeliner Inglot AMC Eyeliner gel in brown shade 90 (sometimes black No. 77).

    • Paint over the lashes with mascara Cabaret

    Here’s the final result. This option I use and daytime and evening makeup.

    As I wrote above, I use this type of application almost always, only change shades, so I’ll show a few more options, with different shades:

    Thanks to everyone who mastered this post to the end, I tried as much as possible to tell and show my favorite pattern 🙂

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