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Today I just wanted to share what captured my mind during the winter. Do not pretend to be expert, someone these flavors, so to speak, not to come in, and someone decides to listen to them in the store.

These flavors I have used most often and I love them each in their own way.

Perfumes I was interested from early youth. There were periods in my life when scents are gone from my life, I think many will understand me (during pregnancy, I didn’t want to smell), and that fortunately for me and unfortunately for the family budget this past summer passion for perfume went back.

1) Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme edt is released in 2013

This is one of my favorite perfumes. He is very bright, memorable, Daisy and persistent. Starts red berries, raspberries, and then a very beautiful base of patchouli and amber. It is similar to the original Gucci Guilty, but more bright, ringing. Wear it all year round, in summer at night is also beautiful, if you follow the dosage.

A group of aroma — floral Oriental

Top notes: Pink pepper and Red berries;

Middle notes: Raspberry, Peach, Violet, lilac and Red currant;

Base notes: Patchouli, Amber and Caramel.

2) Guerlain Insolence edt released in 2006

This for me the aroma is powdery, warm. If you listen to it from the bottle, this scent of meteorites. I have the older version, not compared with a new vial with bees, listening to a new version in the store, but to compare at the same time was not necessary, but they are very similar. The aroma is very persistent, warm, inviting, and most importantly with him — do not overdo it, two zilch will be enough. The clothing remains the next day after applying. Love to put it on the fur.

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A group of fragrance — floral fruity

Top notes: Raspberry, Bergamot, Red berries and Lemon;

Middle notes: Orange blossom, Violet and rose;

Base notes: iris, Sandalwood, Tonka Beans absolute, Musk and resin.

3) L’instant de Guerlain edt released in 2005

Warm, feminine, honey, amber fragrance. This, in my opinion, fragrance for women, not for girls. He does not look for a casual outfit in the spirit of “jeans and shirt”, it is more for well-groomed, confident woman.

I do not feel it fruits and berries, as stated in the pyramid, only the flowers and amber.

The group of scent — Oriental floral

Top notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Black currant and Apple;

Middle notes: iris, Jasmine, Magnolia, ylang-ylang;

Base note: musk, amber, vanilla, benzoin, honey.

4)L’ange Noir Givenchy edt released in 2017

This is my discovery of the fall, sweet, fruity, bright flavor. It wasn’t gourmet inedible. I feel flowers and pear. He’s awesome. Resistance is average. Suitable for day and evening.

The group of scent — Floral-fruity

Top notes of Calabrian bergamot and Pear;

Middle notes: White iris, Peony and Sesame;

Base notes: Patchouli, White cedar, Sandalwood and Musk.

5) Mon Amor Amor Cacharel Parfum Du Soir edp released in 2015

This is a sweet, candied berries in a bottle. This is a fragrance level — “when you don’t know what to perfume”. It sweet but not gourmand. He will not strangle, even if you overdo it. Not very stable, but on clothes it leaves a nice sweet flavor for a long time.

A group of fragrance — floral fruity

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Top notes: Black currant, Mandarin and Bergamot;

Middle notes: BlackBerry, rose and White freesia;

Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, and Sugar.

6)Love Chloé edp was released in 2010

Feminine, powdery, floral fragrance. It’s not that sweet cosmetic powder, pink pepper adds its astringency and sharpness. It is enough 1-2 zilch, otherwise you may suffocate. It is bright, it is impossible not to notice. For me it is not for every day — annoying, but sometimes you want that bright powder. The 30 ml bottle was enough for me for a long time.

A group of aroma — floral woody-musky

Top notes: African orange blossom and Pink pepper;

Middle notes: iris, Hyacinth, Heliotrope, lilac and Wisteria;

Base notes: Musk, Rice and Powdery notes.

7) J’adore Christian Dior edp created in 1999

I have a bottle of 2012. For me it is the aroma of a festive, sparkling, I wore it on my birthday. This champagne with fruits and flowers. It’s pretty loud and noticeable.

It is well kept on the skin over time does not change, just fades.

Many believe that this is a scent for adult women and not suitable for young girls.

I will not argue, but earlier I didn’t understand and left the store thinking, “it’s not for me”, rising to over 30, I tasted.

A group of fragrance – floral fruity

Top notes: Magnolia, melon, peach, pear, bergamot and Mandarin;

The middle notes: Mexican tuberose, plum, violet, Orchid, freesia, Jasmine, Muguet and rose from Nepal;

Base notes: musk, vanilla and Texas cedar and BlackBerry.

Almost all of us have a little tired of winter and waiting for warmer time of year when you can change the warm clothes to lighter and the fragrances in the fresh, light, fun, and yet it is necessary to fully enjoy the warm, warming flavors.

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I — Mary.

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