My first acquaintance with Anny polishes

Good evening! Today I want to talk about a few shades from the firm’s Anny.

This is my first acquaintance with this popular firm. So I decided to start with three rather calm and bright shades.

Anny nail polish in shades of 222.40 ready cosy; 380.20 funky little dude; 305 cool attitude; 304.70 princess for a day.

The amount of varnish 15ml, made in Germany. The brush inside is quite short, however, because of this, it is convenient to neatly paint along the cuticle.

The texture of all four shades is quite runny, rather, I would even say too liquid the first few times it is very easy to overdo it with the amount: the lacquer will stiffen under the cuticle and side bolsters. The shades also don’t the thick — one layer does not overlap the nail thin, but the second is already fully align. Never noticed bubbles even if you try to put one, but the more dense layer, but in this case dries longer.

The first layer dries about 5 minutes, the second about 15-20 minutes, if not use the cover the dryer. (only 10 minutes).

Durability — 3 days no change, though I always use top coat — Vinyl from Severina. For a more truthful display in this post, all four cover without the top.

Removes nail Polish quickly and completely, simple EDSL.

1. Anny nail polish in shade 222.40 ready cosy
Pink-purple with a grey undertone. Pretty bright, but very discreet.

2. Anny nail polish in shade 380.20 funky little dude
Bright, but quite calm light green. If razbelennye mint. A great option for the summer.

The third and fourth shades are very similar, but still have color differences.

3. Anny nail polish in shade 305 cool attitude
Noble, calm, soft beige, cocoa, with milk This shade was the most loved of all four, it is possible and in the feast and in the world. Sometimes, at a certain angle of view, may appear purple glow.

4. Anny nail polish in shade 304.70 princess for a day.

Pink pastel dust. Calm, gentle daily shade.

The cost of each bottle of about 400 rubles
Rating — 4

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