My first and only oil blotting sheets for the face Cettua

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I am the owner of combination skin. And in the summer I have even more oily. So without matting napkins I can not do. This is my must have and a permanent inhabitant of my cosmetics. I’m not going to tell stories about a long and arduous search of my perfect wipes — I was lucky — I approached my first purchase – matting facial tissues Cettua.

The packaging design is very nice — cute, this whole “girls are girls”. As you can see, the packaging of wipes so little, it is easy to carry — plenty of space in the bag it does not take. Packaging is an envelope that closes with a clip, which is very convenient. The napkins Packed in a box very tightly, so to get them off and if removed from the packaging several pieces, the napkins back problematic. But when tissues remains less than half that to do it becomes easier.

Matifying facial wipes are designed to instantly remove excess oil from the surface of the skin. Yes, they clean I hated the Shine. This does not affect the makeup.

Apply wipes are easy — you just need to open the packaging to get a napkin and gently blot oily areas of skin on the nose, forehead and chin. Do not strongly RUB the skin with a napkin.

The cloth itself looks like paper, very thin, brown:

The whole area of the face is enough for me two napkins — one I apply to the forehead, and the second process area of the nose and chin. I think this flow can be called economical.

With the removal of greasy napkins good! The effect lasts for a long time. As a rule, even on the hottest days I don’t use wipes more than twice a day. No plaque on the skin after application of these mattifying tissues are left.


Serious drawback for me only one is not the best composition: Bleached Kraft Pulp (over 99%), Aluminum Sulfate, Polyamide Epichlorohydrin Resin, Resin, Polyacrylamide, Dye (Brown).

I don’t like those aluminium compounds…

Quantity: 50 pieces.

Weight: 16 grams.

Shelf life: 5 years.

Country of origin: Korea.

Price: 90-120 rubles.

Usage time: several years.

Rating: 4. Reduced for the composition.

Thank you for your attention!

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