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My perfume “menu” a clear dividing line between the seasons. Today I want to talk about winter flavors.

Sweet, languid, warm

Hello, girls! Even 6-8 years ago I didn’t think about that time each year has its own aromatic palette. Wearing what you like… Gradually come to the realization that the citrus notes — it’s more for summer, and amber and spices more appropriate for a cold time of year. Gradually, the bottles in my locker were distributed across the seasons.

I invite you to watch and read about the choice for the winter.

“Tobacco Vanille” Tom Ford EDP

Group: Oriental spicy

Top notes: Tobacco leaf and Spices;

middle notes: Tonka Beans absolute, tobacco Flower, Vanilla and Cocoa;

base notes: Dried fruits and Woody notes.

Between the first “breakdown” and buy this fragrance it’s been 6 months. From the first seconds has filled his head and caused the desire to take the whole bucket. To kupatsja in it, swim! But came common sense, and I long thought, whether, not too smoky, loud, whether it is appropriate in the office, etc. Then common sense had been silenced, and I purchased this scent in the tester.

Brought fragrant box home and laid her on the bed near her husband and started to get the bottle. The smell reached the nose of the male, and the man paid attention to the box. Anyhow the fragrance, the husband was stunned in a good way. This finally silenced the doubts and aroma of was adopted into my small perfume collection.

After the first “puff” Tobacco Vanille is not knocked down, and gently enveloped in a thick, but light cloud. Clearly feel warm to the song “dried fruits-cocoa-vanilla+a little spice and tobacco.”

The scent is sweet, but tangy. I’m not changing until I fly off. Durability — 5-6 hours, and then quenched. On the scarf I can taste it after 2-3 days.

Concerns about opacity and relevance in my case turned out to be groundless. The scent sits close to the skin, not much Slavic, does not shout about its presence in the whole district and does not interfere with others. At least in the winter. Asked close friend-colleague is that comfortable around my perfume (she usually comments on every new my perfume), she said she doesn’t feel it, and sniffing me closer, whispered, “wow, what is this?”… In the summer, I think it is dangerous to wear as its languor and density will become sticky and suffocating grip.

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The aroma is nice and warming. Love.


Angel Mugler EDP

How old is this flavor, but its relevance, he does not lose…

A group of Eastern gourmet

Top notes: Bergamot, Melon, Coconut, Mandarin, Jasmine, black currant leaves, cotton candy, and Pineapple;

middle notes: Cumin, Nutmeg, Honey, Apricot, BlackBerry, Plum, Orchid, Peach, Jasmine, Lily of the valley, rose and Red berries;

base notes: Tonka Beans absolute, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musk, Chocolate and Caramel

I first became acquainted with this fragrance, being a first-year student. Friend had brought gifts from Italy, among whom were the probe Mugler Angel. Girlfriends at uni liked the sweet smell, me too, but the probe ended quickly. After 7-8 years I got this perfume as a gift. By the time I got Alien Essence Absolue and Womanity (deserves a separate post) from Thierry Mugler and considered myself a fan of the brand. Angel came to me in the classic version, and I started over to meet him.

Like all known to me perfume by Thierry Mugler, Angel is very strong and loud scent. It was about this perfume saying that “first comes the aroma, and then its owner”. It’s not a quiet whisper of Tobacco Vanille and a loud statement about yourself.

Angel is the concentration of sweets. I feel cotton candy, slightly overheated before the appearance of bitterness from burnt sugar, coconut, as in the bounty chocolate, vanilla, and it’s all complemented by tickling the nose with musk. Berries and citrus I didn’t get. Based on the above, categorically not wear this fragrance to work and, in principle, to the premises. Walk only on street walks, short visits to coffee shops or cafes. In the room, Angel turns into a demon and strangles everything around it with its sticky arms. Is cool, the perfume behaves like a docile Cupid, rustling wings and deteriorating around a sweet powdered sugar.

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Mixed feelings about the flavor, but, nevertheless, I wear often.

Durability — killer. One puff is more than enough. This perfume I sprayed in the air and walk into the scented cloud. It is so fragrant “I am!” is a bit more modest.

The bottle is very photogenic:)


“Chocolate Greedy” EDP Montale

Popular flavor, but not to say that is very recognizable.

A group of Eastern gourmet

The fragrance features notes of Coffee, Cocoa, Tonka Beans absolute, Bitter orange, Vanilla and Dried fruits.

It’s what I choose when “nothing to wear”. Be appropriate always and everywhere. Pleasant, unobtrusive and quiet, though, and has a train.

Not feeling any oranges or dried fruit. Only vanilla, cocoa and bitter chocolate. Well, biscuits in the beginning. The aroma of a good confectionary, but not cloying. Imagine eating a brownie and washed down with cocoa, enjoying the ambience of a good coffee shop with its bakery.

Hot, milky, thick… Regularly collects compliments. Does not change during the day, after 6-8 hours of simmering and sitting very close to the skin. Going to buy until available.


“Rose Oud” Yves Rocher EDP

Group Oriental floral

The fragrance features notes of Damask rose, Oud, Cumin and Labdanum.

Never liked the notes of rose and incense perfumes, for me it’s always been retro, the flavors for those “who are over…”. But tastes change and I bought this beautiful dark Burgundy bottle. Grown the same…

The aroma of the autumn and winter, from the first solo notes of tart red wine with spices and rose. As if someone had spilled rose oil close to a Cup of hot mulled wine. The smell of thick, sits close to the skin, the plume is almost there. Durability — almost all day on clothing felt longer.

Heard that this fragrance, like some other, reissued from Yves Rocher. The exact history of his fate I don’t know… I was lucky to get the last bottle in the store in our city. After that, the flavor disappeared from the shelves and from the online store. Correct, the experts, if you have some information about this fragrance.

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“Black Orchid” Tom Ford EDP

The Queen, not otherwise…

Group Oriental floral

Top notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, ylang-ylang, bergamot, lemon, Mandarin, black currant and truffle;

Heart notes: spices, fruity notes, Lotus and Orchid;

Base notes: vetiver, Sandalwood, patchouli, amber, incense, vanilla and dark chocolate.

First had this scent 6 years ago, when blindly ordered ollivant (like notes). Ollivant ended very quickly, though, and stretched as best he could. It was impossible to inhale this perfume, I want to feel it constantly. Bought the full version and here it is — happiness! The durability is phenomenal. Apply with a micro! One puff on clothes in the morning — it smells not what is to evening — a few days! Or hair, are sitting around sniffing my hair all day????

Black Orchid — evening fragrance, in the afternoon not always be appropriate. But it is my perception that you have the right not to share. But in the office (ventilated!) — is that a micro dose. Aroma is of interest, but can suffocate in a crowded stuffy room.

Curiously, when I first purchased a bottle of Black Orchid, lived and worked in my beloved city of Baku. There’s men EN masse wearing this scent, considering it unisexually. It was a little strange at first to hold meetings in the office, obviously feeling the opponent’s fragrance Black Orchid. But then I used to, because this fragrance can smell on the street at a passing man.

Definitely have the damnedest thing in Black Orchid. It’s hard to describe what notes I feel the fragrance whole. Sweet, languid, audacious, candid. Chocolate, a little spice, incense, vanilla… Yes, there is the truffle, the mushroom note, but it is organic in a common database and makes this fragrance original. The result is a sweet and viscous, charming-alluring potion. Love!


Thanks to everyone who came in the post and overpowered him.

Share what fragrances are preferred in the cold season? Or don’t bother and don’t share the perfume with the seasons?

My name is Vita ????

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