My glossy autumn with Sephora Cream Lip Shine #04

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Autumn is already very thoroughly supplanted the summer mood already and want to more comfortable and deeper shades in makeup and clothing.I’ve been searching for a lipstick or gloss in brown tones, preferably with a cool undertone which would be dense enough and well-sat on his lips.

Sephora Cream Lip Shine #04

And what ultimately culminated in my finding, you can watch under the cut.

I think many are familiar with the famous matte lipsticks Sephora, which is considered to be one of the most comfortable.This year Sephora has gone further and introduced a line of simultaneously creamy and glossy lipsticks are more shiny, but very dense in texture.

I have a 04 shade in the line about 10, but now I want everything!

As for the design, it is still the same how was Matt cousins, only instead of a black cover was silver.The brush remained the same, for me personally, very comfortable, nice and sharp draws the contour of the lips, one “diving” in a jar with more than enough to do a full makeover of the lips and completely block its own pigment.

The color is very beautiful, I have been looking for something similar and stumbled upon it in the store.I bought it immediately, but when I realized what I want can not, because of the lipsticks I already was breaking the whole house.Coffee with milk, caramel, milk chocolate… it’s all about him, looks very natural color, and most importantly it cold.Because many chocolate tones have for a peccadillo, and are beginning in makeup to warm up.This one is not happening.

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Let’s look, how to behave on lips ultra brilliant lipstick-new.

The source material…

Look at the lips!

The liquid lipstick was very pigmented, very creamy and very dense.Even such seemingly “sanatcy” shade lay so tightly that I was surprised.

Insanely beautiful glossy finish which does not leave during the day, only you can eat during a meal.So probably should remove the lipstick before a full meal, and coffee and tea lipstick not terrible.

I’m a teacher, I’m not all lipsticks are a test drive on durability, because I talk too much))) this survived the day and even the gloss stayed with me, and that means 6-8 hours of talk experienced.In the folds of bleeding, the relief lip is very beautiful, the stunning gloss and still not dry. Lying flat, the outline doesn’t go away, a little stickiness is present, but not critical.(Lip to lip adhere, if that)))

Very nice product and a lot of times I have asked already, what’s on my lips.

You know that I love dark lipsticks and red, but this coffee lady has got the heart and I had almost a week not getting any other.My lips are very comfortable in this product, there is no feeling of tightness or dryness.

Let’s watch full way?

The image turns out to be very discreet and at the same time is not flat, the lipstick is perfect for autumn makeup, although in the summer on tanned skin too, I think it will look great.

I’m not very accustomed to seeing such pale lips, but I like it.You always want experiments, the more makeup the most harmless of them.

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Price:690 roubles


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