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Tone means I’m usually nicer to have several to choose from — sometimes I want a more matte skin, sometimes less, and at some point I may decide that today I want a little different hue.

So this time, I bought a few tools almost immediately, and all but Three, for the first time.

What unites them is the ability not only to mask the skin, but also to care for her.

Will tell what I liked and what not.

Concealers and bases do not use.

Skin is oily.

d program Medicated Skin Care Powdery Foundation

Shade ochre 00


• Means this line possess not only cosmetic but also medicinal properties

• Flaws

• Makes skin smoother

• Prevents the appearance of pimples

• Smoothes the skin and eliminates pimples with regular use

• Suitable for sensitive skin

• Has a sun protection without chemical filters

• SPF 17 PA++

• Contains tranexamic acid, which fights inflammation and evens skin tone

• 5 shades:

I have the first shade, “オークル 00”

The case of this powder is very nice to open, close, and easy to hold in hands. Plastic case is matte, the edges are rounded, and below it is transparent.

As is often the case, the case and refill powder sold separately.

I have the lightest shade from the line (ochre 00) and when I showed it to the store, I was sure that it would be too dark and yellow. But it turned out that he is a good fit for me. Shade really has a yellow undertone, but I kind of like it.

The powder is almost odorless. If sniff — it feels light scent of menthol or something anti-inflammatory.

Complete unit powder puff is the same as was in d program before (7-8 years ago I was exactly the same).

Elastic, you can successfully apply, although there is a feeling that I’m gaining powder more than planned. Because of that and the coating on the face may be congested (but maybe not). With a brush too well-behaved, but the alignment of the relief of successful passes with the sponge from the kit, as I thought.

The finish is absolutely matte (but by graduation Japanese cosmetics magazines he brushed a little less than “absolutely”). What may look like a “mask”, although no other traces of the powder on the face, in addition to dull matte, in the absence of flaking, not noticeable.

Visually smooths pores, evens skin texture, but even the small possible peeling stress. Even those that I never would have known with other tonal resources.

Disadvantages disguises as much as possible, your skin under the powder is not visible.

Wrinkles under eyes stresses, but it is a problem of all Foundation powders in my opinion. On the other hand, they don’t stand out as much as I would have to do it with other powdery textures. In any case, I have expressed facial expressions of the eyes, and when dusting all looks quite different, as I would like (while smiling).

In the middle of the day my nose and forehead win a powdery matte finish and start to Shine. I in this case prefer to redo these parts of the transparent powder (other). But by evening, those “shiny” areas of the face and can do naked, and the powder may partially peel off, but if you apply it repeatedly, you can get almost the same skin as the morning after first application. But the problem is that it may not happen… depends on what the success of this maneuver I did not understand. And in case of failure I get on my face, sorry, mess.

Before and after:

Bare skinpowder

The photo shows appeared peeling, and here to show the operation of the dust without them I could not. Because I do not want to use it from day to day, hoping to get the effect decently. Of course, there were days without peeling. But overall, the face looks somehow “dry” in the season autumn-winter (in the heat I have great pleasure to use it). And again, shade started to jelteti that summer was not noticeable.

Well, again, the degree of masking, not so close:

Without powder and with powder. A bit further peeling is not so visible

Dryness of the skin, I with this powder does not feel even in the evening (of course, it is I, as always, was care).

Impact on pimples for a single use, I have not seen, and daily powder to use I have failed. I think a beneficial effect on problematic skin you can get it with regular use.

This Foundation I bought out of curiosity — tonal format powder I have not used for a long time, but the matte finish I love. But perhaps not as much as I thought. Indeed, usually I don’t like the wet effect on the skin and when it shimmers, shines and svetootrazauschii, but this powder was too matte for me, and neestestvenno matte for my oily closer to the skin. Especially strange looks when the nose and forehead the day begins to gleam, and around that zone the rest of the face still remains matte.

Hides pores
Does not cause shastine shades lighter
Peeling stresses

Made in Japan (Shiseido)

Case price: 1100 yen (~600 rubles)

The replacement unit price: 3000 yen (~1700 RUB)

Powder weight: 10.5 g

The composition of the added below (on the cones).

1700₽price5/10оценка2 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, sensitive skinIngredients: (TRANS): Tranexamic acid *, sodium stearyl glycyrrhetinate *, sodium hyaluronate (2), concentrated glycerin, talc, sericite, methylphenyl polysiloxane, silicic anhydride, methyl polysiloxane, an α-olefin oligomer, glyceryl triisostearate, Sorbitan sesquiisostearic acid, crosslinked silicone / silicone reticulated block copolymer, nylon powder, alkyl polyacrylate, calcium stearate, methyl hydrogen polysiloxane, aluminum hydroxide, stearic acid, cyclotetrasiloxane tetrahydrotetramethyl, chlorphenesin, Sodium silicate synthesis · magnesium silicate, tetradecene, distearyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, citric acid, d — δ — tocopherol, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, 1,3 — butylene glycol, oubaku extract Mosquitoes, titanium oxide, synthetic mica, fine particles of titanium dioxide, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide. * — the “active ingredient”

And if you want to prevent acne (or compete with it) and have sensitive skin, but do not want a matte finish, that is a concealer from the same series, moisturizing and wet effect. Next time, maybe I’ll try.

The whole line of new d program looks like this:

Powder Foundation; cream Foundation; finishing powder; 3 base; concealer.

All are suitable for sensitive skin, fighting inflammation, and as with all tools d program, have in their rosters of potential irritants.

Flowfushi Ion de Cushion Cover

Shade 02 beige


• Masks

• Moisturizes the skin

• Resists aging (due to the complex flowfushi endmineral)

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• Protects the skin from external irritants/allergens (just like allerbarrier essense d program)

• Protects skin from harmful flicker of smartphones/computers

• Sun protection SPF 32 PA+++

• Two shades: 01 light beige, 02 beige

Hard plastic

The case looks great, keep (turn and stroke) in the hands of his very nice, but what I never liked in the tool is the sponge. It is relevant to the case forms — so you can replace it with any other would be quite problematic. He (puff) is not very neat edge between the two sides, which at first uses managed to bring discomfort, scratching the skin, this was especially noticeable around the eyes.

Later the edges of the face become softer or I got used be careful not to use it — but to scratch he stopped.

The material of the sponge is soft enough normal. But if you compare for example with missha the original pact tension (and more I have nothing), the puff from missha incomparably softer, it generally some kind of space, I would all the time touch. With the same no such desire, he is an ordinary (except that it can scratch).

The surface closer to a moist, not matte but not too shiny. I have a version of cover, with a dense coating. The degree of masking, in my opinion, is really high, it hides all the imperfections, but it does not look like a mask.

“Printing” is very good, well like any cushion I guess.

One touch BB cream

Despite the unfortunate, the sponge itself ion de at first appears to be a good cushion. Hides flaws, while weightless. Skin with it looks not dry and not oily, normal, that I’m nice.

The pores did not feel spongy and emphasizes them. But if you have even minimal peeling after a while socks be sure they all demonstrate. It is not immediately, but after some hours I suddenly notice it, although immediately after application, everything was in order.

Bare skinWith Flowfushi cushionagain with flowfushi

Another before and after:

Bare skin and skin with flowfushi

After a few hours in the heat begins to fade with particularly zaginuuszaga t-zone, but coverage can be updated with almost no risk on the face of “porridge”.

By evening, the skin looks much worse than immediately after application or in the middle of the day. And if you forget to correct makeup during the day, that tone is sure to fail in my pores and will start to peel off unevenly (my, remember, oily skin). And then it starts to look just awful. Spread the Foundation across my face, fell into pores, which is not quite reminiscent of what was so beautiful in the morning. So I try not to forget to correct makeup. However, this does not always help, and in any case at the end of the day the tool is strongly betrays its presence on the face is not too uniform coating.

A good mask
Does not dry
Sits well the first few chasov the middle of the day smeared
By the end of the day falls into the pores

Made in Japan

Weight: 20g

Price: 3200 jpy or 1900 R

The composition of the added below (on the cones).

1900₽цена6/10оценка5 weeks 4P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, sensitive skinIngredients: (TRANS): Water, cyclopentasiloxane, triethylhexanoin, PG, diphenylsiloxyphenyl trimethicone, trimethylsiloxysilicic acid, PEG-10 dimethicone, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, hydroxypropylcyclodextrin, isotridecyl isononanoate, ethanol, dimethicone, trifluoroalkyl dimethyl Trimethylsiloxysilicic acid, garnet powder, bilberry leaf extract, polyglutamic acid, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, diethylaminohydroxybenzoylbenzoate hexyl, t-butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl polyhydroxystearate, PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, Dimethicone / (PEG-10/15)) Crosspolymer, BG, DPG, dimethiconol, Na citrate, Mg sulfate, Tocopherol, Fenoki Ethanol, (±), titanium oxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, Al hydroxide, mica, silica, methicone, hydrogenphosphite dimethicone, fragrance

Well, a lighter tone and less of disguise you can try to get a version of “Natural”:

Direia Stem Concentrate BB Cream

The Shade Of Yellow

Let me remind you that the Japanese brand Direia relates to the field of anti-aging cosmeceuticals, and their products are used including in the professional salon industry. The highlight of their line of 3D funds innovative nanotechnology (which includes BB cream) is a patented complex of SC-Max, developed by the brand. The complex contains the extract of human stem cells, vitamin C and peptides. Sounds cool, but more on Direia in Russian can be read at Inga or in Japanese on the official website.

Not counting the Internet, so far the only store Direia in Japan opened a year ago in Tokyo in the Ginza district.

Also note that the mask Amperity (already from the other line), who won the European exhibition of innovative cosmeceuticals I also really like.

And now we return directly to the BB cream.


• Flaws

• Gives the uniformity of skin tone

• Moisturizes and conditions

• Minimizes roughness of the skin

• Protects from the sun (spf 50 PA+++)

• It has a full body properties, due to complex maintenance of stem cells (and primary care this brand)

• Contains peptides with lifting and anti-aging effects

• No alcohol, silicones, parabens, chemical UV filters and mineral oil

• Two shades of pink and yellow (pink / yellow)

I have a yellow. The one that rose has a really intense shade of pink. Although, it seems to me that my yellow, the end result becomes a little pinkish on the skin (possibly merging with the tone of the face).

The cream is very fluid, dense, sometimes with some small grains. I do not know specifically whether it was intended or it just happened.

In any case, already at the first touch of the extruded cream, grains of these disappear.

Unfortunately, the cream has the fragrance of rose essential oil and maybe something else. About the smell, I already knew before purchasing, but felt that it is not so critical, although I don’t like rose essential oil (in contrast to the smell of fresh flowers). I especially don’t like that after applying the fragrance is felt some time on the face. But not for long. So I’m willing to suffer a little bit.

The cream does not give one hundred percent overlap of the skin tone and flaws, but fits tightly and even bold. Leather shines with it, and the face feels oily. The first few minutes after application. Then, these unpleasant effects are minimized, and when touched to the skin becoming obvious that she was softer and smoother than before applying the cream.

If immediately after applying with your fingers, lick the cream with a brush, then fat will not be felt at all (or just apply the cream with a brush immediately). Then the coating will become less glossy and I will be able to fully enjoy the advantages of this tool.

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The cream does not sink into the pores, although not trying to hide them, not noticeable on the face, making the tone smoother, healthier and overall more enjoyable.

Mimic (any) wrinkles are not stressed. Afraid, of course, to say that he somehow still and hide, but it feels that way. All skin folds become less pronounced.

Before and after:


Cream evens the complexion, hides imperfections, but it is absolutely not visible on the face.

He also gives a noticeable hydration as a full godovoe means (according to the tradition, however, do not neglect applying at least a moisturizing lotion).

Cream fits like a second skin and I adore him for it, and even forgive him his scent.

And one more before/after

If the face is a little to powder lightweight matte powder, the coating will become more matte, but not more visible.(I sometimes will pass it on the t-zone).

As always, especially in the heat, I need “correct person” in the middle of the day again a matte powder or wipes, what I do not see the problem. However, if this is not done, there is nothing wrong with the skin is not going to happen even tonight. I don’t have to worry about what has not had time to fix my makeup.

By the end of the day the cream is almost visually disappears from the face, but leaves skin smooth and with a uniform tone. If you put a cotton pad, then it will remain the tone, which means that the cream is still there — he’s just invisible. It is not visible neither in the long nor in the wrinkles, it nowhere betrays its presence, and this I attribute also to his advantage — to me no worse cream than the one in the evening emphasizes every wrinkle or pore, and he rolled and smeared as he pleases.

There is a feeling that in the cold season, I’m more pleasant than for example its use in the heat of summer at +30 C. In the heat of the cream added even more fat to my t-zone (although there is no “stuffiness” in this skin is not felt), and now, in autumn, he, on the contrary, pleasantly envelops the skin and adds moisture. It is equally pleasant to wear in dry rooms and on the street.

I suppose that the owners of dry and normal skin this cream is nice to wear in any season any terrain.

About skin properties I hard to judge, but according to the manufacturer it is able to complement day care or even be its main component. For example using lotion and serum direia in the evening, in the morning I only use lotion and this cream. In addition, the cream can also act as the only active means of skin care in the daytime (after any moisturizing lotion).

Hides flaws
Invisible on the face
Looks good until the evening
Gives natural pokretanje seem very fluid when applied

Made in Japan (Grazia)

Weight: 40 g

Price: ~6000 yen (~3600 rubles)

3600₽цена10/10оценка2 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, sensitive skinIngredients: Water / tetradecane / titanium oxide / glycerine / hexyl laurate / ethylhexyl palmitate / polyglyceryl 6 polyricinoleate acid / Al hydroxide / iron oxide / stearic acid / (hydroxide / carbonate) (Mg / Al / zinc) / polyglyceryl isostearate deca / 10 / pentylene glycol / polyethylene glycol isostearate / quaternium-18 bentonite / inulin stearate / lauroyl lysine / Mg sulfuric acid / octyl dodecanol / myristic acid / phenoxy ethanol / age odorous oil / Xanthan gum / glycyrrhizic acid 2 K / jojoba ester / human adipocyte conditioned culture extract / trihydroxystearin / BG / ethanol / tocopherol / tri (caprylic / capric acid) glyceryl / hydrolyzed royal jelly protein / hydrogenated Citin / 1,2-hexanediol / polysorbate 80 / caprylyl glycol / propyl ascorbyl hyaluronate / tocopherol acetate / acrylates copolymer / capryloyl dipeptide -17 / lauryl hydroxysultain / palmitoyl dipeptide -18 / (VP / polycarbamyl Include) ester / hydrolyzed sesame protein PG propylmethylsilanediol / cetanol / myristyl alcohol / Na phosphate / lecithin / synthetic gene recombinant human oligopeptide — 1 / synthetic gene recombinant human oligopeptide — 2 / human pair synthetic gene Synthetic Gene Recombinant Human Polypeptide-11 / Synthetic Human Gene Recombinant Polypeptide-9 / Synthetic Human Gene Recombinant Polypeptide-60

Pola B. A. Creamy Foundation L

N3 Shade (Medium Natural)

I was fortunate in that when purchasing from Pola as a gift I was offered a sample of the new Foundation. He liked it so much that two days later I went for a full-sized version. Unfortunately, it is not very big — only 25 grams. I bought the same shade that was in my probe — N3, which is also referred to as a “natural medium”.

Choose between a lighter tone and this, the consultant recommended that lighter, but I liked the sample that I was afraid to experiment. And correctly. You know how sometimes the perfect Foundation in every way, right never better, but it is necessary only to change the hue and the magic disappears somewhere. Thank you, I have this already.


• Masks

• Contains moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients

• The manufacturer puts emphasis on a good grip of the tool with the skin during the facial activity

• Is able to even skin texture and minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles

• SPF 30 PA+++

• 6 shades:

My shade is N3


The packaging basic information is duplicated in English.

The manufacturer recommends different methods of application — fingers, brush or sponge. I usually do without accessories, but sometimes, at the end of the application I can go to brush for Foundation for the best “imprinting”.

The consistency is creamy (who would have thought), thick and quite dense.

It smells subtle, fresh and unobtrusive — apply a pleasure.

The texture hides all that I need, but in General, the masking is obtained by the average degree, some liveliness of the skin and even its lumen remains by far.

The skin is not felt. Absolutely not stressed, what is important to me — on the cheeks and nose they expanded, as you can see.

The finish tends to matte, almost without gloss, but some minimal gloss is still present. I like it.

Sometimes under very close scrutiny after application you may notice a barely incipient flaking on the cheeks (as a whole, these moments I could see only the photo, which made for a post in the mirror in focus or nothing “didn’t razglyadyvali” so obvious “cons” well just can’t relate).

The cream does not clog the pores, does not produce wrinkles. On the skin it is invisible. Leather it looks and feels great and pores visually diminish.

Besides, with him I can not afford to fix my makeup as often as is necessary with many other tools or even may even forget to do it during the day.

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Yes, sainneville nose, as always, will be felt by mid-day — but the cream in this case does not flow and not smeared, stays in place and behaves with dignity. T-zone with him doesn’t look overly bold or distracting from the rest of the face, and if I forget to take measures for its suppression, even by the evening everything will look quite harmoniously.

If I don’t forget it will run in the mid-afternoon t-zone mattifying powder (or wipes), getting fresh skin, with hidden faults.

If so I guess during the day I will be difficult to monitor the evenness of tone on the face, or just be too lazy to fix it (Oh the horror, and it happens to you?), it is by far the best cream Pola (or Direia). Simply because in those days the evening I will not be afraid to look in the mirror, even at close range. Yes, everything will Shine, but overall coverage will remain in place and not smeared.

Before and after:

ProcessWith the cream. It’s pretty matteBefore and after. In addition to masking color and minimized pores.The degree of masking: before and after

Consumed quite economically, which is important in this volume. And by the way, not to save, but for the best effect I can say that the cream looks more harmonious, if not used at once is too much. (Although it’s probably always like this?)

In summer, under it was enough for me to use any lotion, even the easiest moisturizing enough. Well, now still add more milk or emulsion.

I had a sample of the serum in this series. The manufacturer recommends that you apply this cream it is on serum (and before that, of course, ordinary care), as I did when testing the first time, and that’s the serum I absolutely did not like. The cream on my skin went better alone, and the serum was only added to the effect of “spread of balasesti” and stressed that the peeling (or he became this peeling — I don’t understand).

Invisible on the face
A small amount

Made in Japan

Weight: 25 g

Price: 11900 yen (~7000 rubles)

7000₽цена10/10оценка2 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, sensitive skin

By the way, there is a version of the same cream, but even more moisturizing and with a more glossy finish Creamy Foundation B. A. M. I haven’t tried and probably don’t want to. Here it is:

There are also in the line and the Foundation powder and finishing powder, and even powder to refresh makeup throughout the day.

Scheme of application: care, serum, Foundation cream or powder (powder from the bottom), finishing powder, powder to refresh makeup throughout the day (retouching powder)

THREE Complete Harmony Foundation

Shade 102

Let me remind you that Three, focuses on the naturalness of his compositions (well, as far as possible). For example, the composition of this Foundation is natural to 81%. A lot or a little, judge for yourself.

Also absent in the compositions of the brands parabens, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances, which for me is like the owner of sensitive skin, is also important.

My first jar of this cream I bought a couple of years ago, and used it to end, parallel to dreaming about re-buying. (Which happened recently).

And, despite the fact that care cosmetics brand I love has not happened, I still love three for their minimalistic design and delicate texture of cosmetics. Well, to visit their store — it’s for me a pleasure.


• Contains no chemical sunscreen filters

• SPF 35 PA+++

• Makes skin hydrated

• Does not emphasize wrinkles

• You may re-apply during the day

• The effect of bare skin

• Contains Yuzu oil, jojoba, tea seed, Shea butter and beeswax

• 10 shades:

The composition on the boxis a Jar of heavy glass, the cover is a matte hard plasticSpatula included

The cream is quite thick, but not like the previous Pola.

Easy to apply and I usually do it without a brush.

The surface is closer to matte, leather with them once again not shiny and does not seem greasy.

Does not stress the skin and does not sink into pores (but, perhaps, not hide them).

The skin does not feel dry even on the driest areas of face with him, I also didn’t notice.

The coating can give very dense, with the maximum masking flaws, but it does not overload the skin. It’s good with black eyes.

Skin without cream and with the cream:

In the processWith the cream. Again, the cream does not emphasize, but not pores. Here the light fell on them, but in reality they don’t become more noticeable with Three.Again before and after

Appears Shine t-zone mid-day as always to spoil the picture, but use matting napkins and then (optionally) re-applying the cream will not worry about skin tone to the evening.

However, if there is minor flaking can make them visible a bit to the middle of the day, sometimes I have this happening to him, and sometimes not. Obviously it depends on whether there is enough moist and peeled off the skin in General.

Dryness does not occur even by the evening, even causing, under the cream only moisturizing lotion (I often do + eye cream).

The contents of the can may become less attractive, divided, cream pigment and something transparent. The manufacturer warns about that, explaining that the quality is not affected, and in this case, it recommends to stir everything with a spatula back to smooth. This I had from a previous jar, at the end of use.

This jar I have a second, and the first was with cream in a darker shade 202. Although the palette looks like the opposite — 102 darker than 202. But zatista 202 seemed darker (and he was).

The maximum mask defects
Without mask effect
Does not stress relief, pores, selectimage require updating the colors in the middle of the day

Period of use: tone 102 — two months; the tone 202 — six months

Made in Japan (Acro)

Weight: 28 g

Price: 7,000 yen (4000 rubles)

4000₽цена10/10оценка2 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, sensitive skinall together in the hand, lighting the day as always, by the window.

As has become clear according to my subjective evaluation tools, daily I give preference to creams Direia, Pola, and Three (lately in that order).

And you have any Foundation favourites in this season? Tell me, maybe I’ll need it)))

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