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I never considered myself a fan of spirits, but the process has begun, it seems. Walking across the expanses of the Internet came across a glowing review about the aroma of Aphrodisia from the Russian manufacturer Brocard. Perfumes of this brand sometimes met in the online store cosmetics, but previously nothing was drawn.
Curiosity drew me to the website of the online store, and a very solid bottle turned to me.

Here is how the manufacturer:

Love is a magical force that erases the border between reality and a wonderful tale.
The aroma gives invaluable mood of magic, spilled in the air. Its scent opens the senses, and it becomes easier to notice miracles in the most ordinary things. It attaches to the charm that attracts views. Like a magical elixir, Aphrodisia fills a woman’s heart is a captivating force, and the body — hot desires. A magical tale interwoven with life, makes it a fine sensibility and agonizing unpredictability of romantic adventure. At every turn the road is open in the pleasure garden.
The fragrance opens with a sparkling, exciting nuances of bergamot and black currant.
The heart of the composition – a bouquet of flowers, each of which is considered a strong aphrodisiac. Jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose flavored smell of rosewood to bring the rich emotions into balance.
Plume created from animal chords, softened delicate sweetness of vanilla and powdery notes of heliotrope and sensual musk.
The aroma of Once Upon a Time Aphrodisia released in 2016.

Group: floral woody-muskokee
Top notes: Bergamot, black currant.
Middle notes: rosewood, ylang-ylang, Jasmine.
Base notes: Musk, vanilla, heliotrope, animalistic accord.

Perfumer: Maurice RUSEL.
(EDP), 75 ml.

First bought the fragrance blind, and the purchase went extremely successful. Spray quality gives a neat dose of fragrant cloud. Aroma elegant woman, gives confidence, fairly strong smell, but not heavy, not choking, I am tired, I enjoy him. In the first month of purchase, in November, wore incessantly for several weeks in a row. Bergamot, but not in Earl grey, no Association that he tea, edible. I used to think that the bergamot, a male — note, but this fragrance has nothing to do with a man’s perfume! Black currants do not feel, perhaps hear the ylang-ylang, this note always gives me peace of mind. The vanilla is not gourmand. About the smells they say that they are well sit on the fur (I agree) and an expensive sweater (rather, a good business suit).
The flavor, I think, like many, met comparison with one of fencerow 5ки Chanel. Don’t get the feeling that it’s retro, but the flavor is well done and with an eye to acknowledged classics. Work carried — there was no discomfort, the inconvenience to colleagues, suffocating waves. The most successful of the collection, in my opinion.
Love the hamster says would cost to buy the double in the period of discounts.

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The following scent was Brocard Once Upon a Time Kingdom EDP.

Fairy Kingdom where childhood dreams. The aroma of the Kingdom creates a feeling of serene happiness and the lingering feeling of love. As if by magic he carries to distant lands in sheltered from storms and thunderstorms fairyland where the air was filled with the intoxicating spirit of white flowers and the most exquisite desserts. It is always warm and the sun is shining, gardens are blooming, and the warm sea gently laps at your feet. Animals and birds are not afraid of people, fairies and gnomes are always kind, and dragons and evil wizards, of course, defeated, all the noble knights and ladies charming and do not get fat from the cakes. In the fairy Kingdom, a beautiful Princess must wait for her Prince, and he will awaken her to life a sweet kiss.
The fragrance opens with waves, light citrus notes and pungent fresh ginger. The middle notes lush garden, where among the abundance of colors solo subtle bitterness of peony petals and dizzying, intoxicating aroma of Jasmine and tuberose.
Soft cashmere, powdered sugar and musk. entice in the magical world of fantasy and love.

Top notes: bergamot, ginger, saffron
Middle note: absolute of tuberose, peony, Jasmine Sambac
Base notes: musk, wood

Perfume: Ilyas Ermenidis
The novelty went on sale in late 2018.
(EDP), 75 ml.

Again ordered without zatista, was unexpected. Unusual, not similar to any of the familiar flavors of ginger and bergamot do not feel at all, more of a flowers — peony, rose. Not the meadow flowers, and the flowers of a gorgeous bouquet varietal, large, tightly Packed buds. Another Association — confectionery candied imitation of violet flowers that are sold in Vienna in a candy store. The sellers claim that unmarried girls married instantly pop up tasting of these chocolates))) Lie))) Color box fluid and, by the way, violet. Is not as simple as it may seem at first — the floral dance mixed powder, adding the seriousness and completeness of the composition. I wonder how it will behave in summer, winter — not the season, I think. The flavor need a light floral dress, sandals and heels on the first date with a nice young man) But it’s not exactly the smell on the beach in shorts, here definitely needs a discreet makeup and styled hair.

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My third purchase Brocard Once Upon a Time Fortune EDP, how long did you think about buying ( Yes, again blindly).

Luck is more precious than gold. In business, in love, luck, good luck is always welcome. Good luck – powerful and unpredictable force. Fortuna at all times brought valuable sacrifices and rich gifts, hoping to attract to their side. Aroma Fortuna created to help in search of fortune. It tones, invigorates and helps to turn the wheel of Fortune in the right direction. Fortuna is a magical box with a good mood and life energy. The composition begins with bright citrus of grapefruit, lemon and red orange, with a rich and spicy note of fresh ginger. Heart of the fragrance is cedar, nutmeg and orange blossom. Piercingly fresh, with a noble bitterness the scent of cedar – a symbol of prosperity and wealth. In aromatherapy it is used to give the determination and confidence. A plume of powdery, balsamic. Like a magical Golden cloak, he enveloped in aromas of vanilla, Tonka bean and musk. Fragrant, sweet and spicy fine beans elevate mood, give calm and poise, and even considered an aphrodisiac.

The aroma of Once Upon a Time, Fortune released in 2016.

Group: citrus aromatic
Top notes: Ginger, grapefruit, lemon.
Middle notes: Nutmeg, orange blossom.
Base notes: Musk, vanilla, Tonka beans absolute, cedar.

Perfume: Cyril Roland.
(EDP), 75 ml.

Here ginger I feel! Ginger and lemon peel, the lemon peel and the white layer under the peel of the fruit. The bitterness and freshness. Citrus fruits such I have not yet met, not exactly fruity shampoo and not multifruit juice, rather unsweetened ginger ale with a slice of lemon. Again it seems that the flavor at a warmer time of the year. I think Fortune the easiest and most one-dimensional of the three — too clear predominance of high notes. Perhaps in the summer heat harder and do not have anything, I don’t like the category of “fresh” fragrances, and find the smell under the 35-degree heat — not an easy task for me. But still wondering whether to settle or to give to mother. Yeah, I think Fortune is the least persistent of the collection.

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Experience a series of positive, solid quality fragrances with everything from small boxes, heavy high quality bottles to the perfume compositions. Was very nice to meet you, have studied assortment of the brand, I will definitely expand the collection.

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