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The third part of my story will be devoted to the blush brand is NARS

The manufacturer promises:
Team françois NARS is NARS seductive blush on all occasions and without age restrictions. The company is known for its ability to release funds for a natural makeup, emphasizing the natural individuality of each woman.
Unmatched quality and soft texture of this makeup with a dense and compact fine-grained texture will not leave you indifferent. Amazing set of shades will help instantly find the right color. The highlight of all the products NARS are reflective shimmering particles, allowing to Shine the skin.
To choose the tone of need in accordance with the skin tone. Lipstick should be in the tone of the blush, the important colour of the hair and especially the eyes. Generally harmonious look shades:

dark brown eyes with berry blush;
light brown with pink-purple;
blue with pink and peach;
green with pink blush.

Apply tone Foundation and powder, then blush NARS. Use the brushes made of natural materials small size. Easily adjustable intensity and even tone application — the key to successful makeup.
Blush does not crumble and remain on the skin. Removes easily with any means for removing makeup, hypoallergenic.
Of course, my acquaintance with the blush of this brand started with the famous Orgasm, which I bought in a set with brostrom and highlighter.

I think this product format is convenient and helps you to understand if I need a full-sized product. To set still attached very nice brush which I have two years and apply all the blush that I have. Wooden handle, natural brush, picks up product well, tusuet great, washes great, I’m happy with it))))

By the way, this set is very convenient to take with you on trips. My post was ready a couple of days ago, but something terrible happened while trying to photograph the reflections shimmer orgasm slipped from my hands and fell on the tile floor((((( and crashed(((( of course, accompanying the process of Russian people’s spoken language, blush was generously laced with alcohol, compacted and left to cure for 2 days. Fortunately, box of Rouge was latched, so I had to watch the fantastic play orgasm on the kitchen floor. The photo shows that orgasm have experienced trauma)))

This shade so I liked that after a week of testing the mini set, I went and bought the full version. Before that I had a similar shade of elf, many bloggers wrote, Yes they are identical, why pay more and so on. I can say my opinion, they are not identical! Elf is not a shimmer, but the real ones are the sequins, the tone seems to be similar, but poorly Blendable and most importantly, they are unstable. I take it the TX, if you take the boxes, heaven and earth, elf is cheap plastic, the latch is very unreliable. To NARS only complaint is that all the traces are fine and to wipe them with this silky Matt plastic is not so simple. Blush pressed tightly, the pigmentation is inferior to Bobby brown, but the shade orgasm is very versatile, I now understand why it is so popular

Then in my life appeared a shade OUTLAW

Bright brick red colour blush with Golden shimmer. By the way, the blush only 4.8 grams. In th is identical to orgasm, tightly compacted, do not have the perfume, pigmentation medium.

Compared to orgasm

And the third representative of my collection OASIS

Dusty pink shade with Golden shimmer.

Oasis rightmost shade
All three shades

In natural light the last two

Under artificial light the last two

Thank you for your attention))))

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