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If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, eyebrows frame the face, our skin is the very person that we so carefully try to put in the best light. And so we, girls, always strive to ensure that our facial skin was the most velvety, matte, but radiant on the inside, clean, healthy, homogeneous and with a uniform color, with fervent glow, a light tan… and there’s still a long list of requirements, which each has its own.

Until that magic pill that makes our face perfect been invented, we wait and use all possible and impossible tonal resources.

I am by nature a terribly lazy person, but not stupid enough to hammer the bolt in his face. As a lover of bright lipsticks Yes black eyelashes life obliges me to align and tone your skin. But I’m not too lazy to repeat that I’m very lazy, so I prefer to choose some sort of one thing that requires no primer under it and powder on top of it that will suit my shade and finish that would not require grading which I don’t know how to do some dances with a tambourine.

This tool for me was the BB cream from Holika Holika Aqua. In General, the BB creams the brand had as many as 5 pieces of different colors and consistencies. There are matte finish, there’s wet, there is a shimmer. When I chose your on the shelf, I was guided by the fact that when, somewhere, some blogger heard that green is best suited for combination skin. And this is my fourth or fifth re-purchase.

Initially, the cream is Packed in mica, so that no one opened it before you. No more protection no membrane under the lid, no box. Budget what I want.

The tube if flattened, from such a very convenient to squeeze out the remnants of the funds. I swear, I’m going to pump the banks in their vain attempts to squeeze all of the cream to the last drop.

The BB cream is packaged in protective film

Under a tightly screwed cap plain spout. Not some special and tapered, and the most simple and ordinary. The texture of BB cream is quite thick, so under the hood is not bottled remedy, dirtying all around.

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Under the hood hides with a normal “spout”

Volume — 30 ml

Made in Korea

What’s the best part — the BB cream has SPF 25. It is very much for life in a grey city, but I’m so much more comfortable and safer. Well, it is more convenient because of no reason beforehand to use something with SPF, because it is in tone.

Directly nowhere does it say which type of skin is this cream, but the composition has green tea extract which is usually added to funds for problem and oily/combination skin. It is difficult to predict how the tone will behave on a different skin type, but my Kombi is ideal.

Very long and detailed composition

The texture of the cream at first glance it seems very dense and oily, but the distribution of the skin it either melts, or absorbs it without leaving any any saturated spots nerasplativshegosya pigment (this constantly happened with my first BB from Garnier). Face cream is almost not felt. The first 5 minutes after application there is a feeling that the skin caused cream, but then the BB cream “sits” and does not prevent. Aroma light fresh floral, very pleasant and completely unobtrusive, I can’t feel it after 15 minutes. The finish is matte, but not a dull matte, but a living of some kind. Looks very nice on the skin if it is soft and velvety. I wanna bite his plump cheek!

Look Swatch!

Such a pea is enough for me on both cheeks or on the side of my face. For this area of skin this amount is too much, I think I’m so tightly with a spatula not applied the BB cream on your face.

It is offered to apply with a brush/sponge /hands. I apply with a sponge, when it is necessary to obtain a very thin coating, most often in the summer, when a thick layer of BB cream my skin tanned face, and in General not very comfortable in the heat in a “mask”. By the way, Yes, I use it all year round, because the tone is essentially transparent, and it is not smooth, and not yellow, and not rigid and nothing works, with moderate layering, of course.

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I still prefer the old fashioned way is to smear the substance on the face hands. Believe in the legend that hands from the heat of the BB cream better mimics skin tone and overall easier and more evenly distributed. And put it right on the future. face, eyes including sometimes accidentally obscure the eyebrows and lips. On any patch of skin he lies comfortable and pleasant, even under the eyes. It does not dry. Peeling it does not appear on the face.

Look in the case.

It is worth to mention separately that tone brightening the skin, as it might seem in the pictures, do Petersburg sullen clouds, which are completely deprived of the opportunity to show the tone without without green tones in the base.

My skin is in principle no particular flaws, cheeks slightly redder than the rest of the face, the nose, and also have redness, light bruises under his eyes, and migratory red post-acne. Let’s see how the BB cream can handle it.

What I see in the mirror and try to show in the photo.

Nasty red spot on the left (to the right) the cheek has become less noticeable but not gone. In such cases, I just add either a concealer or spot another BB. Chin scar and stuff next much better disguised. Black Panda around the eyes also became less noticeable. But in General, the skin tone evened out. I love it!

What else I like about this BB cream, it’s the fact that I can use without preparation in the form of a cream. In the winter I’m not at risk, use a basic moisturizer, BB-falls on him without problems and without conflict (unlike some of consilierul that I sometimes put on top of foam for a very lightweight makeup, and who shamelessly roll), but in the summer I moisturize quite enough from him.

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What durability. If I talk a lot and smile, then after 4-5 hours socks cream may come in a cute wrinkle of a smile but it is easily corrected and shaded with a finger. In 9 hours I notice that slightly emerges redness on the cheeks (just in General slightly), and if the room is hot, the tone can go on the nose, but also just for the 9 hour. Moreover, this cream does not roll down and does not sink into pores, it somehow absorbs into the skin, it quietly disappears. In principle, for the money, which I don’t put on any preparatory primers and not fix anything — it’s a great result, I think. If after work I have somewhere in the highest light, it can be easy to powder those cheeks and wings of nose — nothing bad will happen. Velvety, slightly powdery finish on friendly terms with dry blush, militerni and sculptors, all Blendable without spots and other troubles.

Rinse it with absolutely no problems in any miceliari or Duo gel cleanser+lotion. Rash causes, on the contrary, even some of their dries, apparently, works green tea and the zinc in the composition.

I absolutely love this product and will recommend to all my friends for any mention of tone in conversations!

550₽цена10/10оценка3 year, 5P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problemsIngredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanium Dioxide, magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Dipropyleneglycol, Talc, ПЭГ10 Dimethicone, Ethylhexyl, Methoxycinnamate, Dimethicone, zinc oxide, циклогексилдецилмиристоилметиламинопропионата extract leaf/root/stem of cava, Tocopheryl acetate, sodium hyaluronidase, gidrogenizirovannye lecithin, green tea Extract, glacier water, chrysanthemum flower extract, Lotus flower extract, flower extract lavender flower extract lilac extract Lily flowers, extract of rose flowers, magnesium sulfate, Dimethicone/vinyldimethyl crosspolymer, silica, vinyl Dimethicone/metikon silsesquioxane net, C1214 парет3, acrylate/Dimethicone polymer, jojoba oil, Metikon, Glyceryl Palmitate, aluminum Hydroxide, Aluminum Stearate, fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide

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