My perfect Foundation tint for skin Peripera Ink Blurring Skin Tint

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Hello everyone!

This hot summer I love the lightest as a Foundation, the — what is usually called the “tinted moisturizer”, i.e. something like a cream with a slight tint effect. My search led me to Tinto for skin Peripera Ink Blurring Skin Tint. Despite the fact that this tool was not what I needed, it became my favorite Foundation.

Price: 9,5 $

Manufacturer: South Korea

Volume: 30 ml


Initially, the tool is placed in a cardboard box.

The bottle of powder made of soft plastic, very soft like a rubber. It is worth noting that he is also very petite in size, I even thought it contains 15 ml of product, has no, — the standard amount of 30 ml.

The twist-off cap.

The bottle is equipped with a long spout-dispenser. Concealer is made by pressing down on the jar.



In the line contains 3 shades + base-sunscreen SPF 50

I have the darkest shade in the line No. 3 (23) Sand. The shade has a neutral undertone, perfect for my slightly olive skin saglabati.


The name “tint to the skin” is more of a PR move, because it just simply is a tonal basis, but a damn good Foundation.

The tool is light in texture, like a fluid.

Swatch made with natural daylight.

Distributed in the skin delightfully, as if you have previously applied to the skin of the chic database.

Finish: satin. The basis of matte to the touch, but looks radiant, like your skin is lit from within.

Next, show the tool in:

My “naked” skin.

Then paint the water and distribute it damp “beauty sponge”.

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  • Opacity — average. The tool is very good at helping to even skin tone, hide minor spots and redness. Also Foundation easily superimposed.
  • When my skin is “problematic” state, I also use this tool, it does not emphasize imperfections, does not sink into pores, pimples do not conceal, but gives, so to speak, advanced masking, and then helps me concealer.
  • The skin tint from Peripera does not feel, does not create a mask effect and makes the skin sleek and healthy looking.
  • Resistance no problems arose, but I’m a little bit Foundation powder loose powder as I have oily skin type.

Tint to the skin Peripera Ink Blurring Skin Tint though, and the budget, but my favorite Foundation in my collection. .

Put 5 of 5.

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