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This has, historically, every summer I am seeking simple and multifunctional tools that are able to give quick, and most importantly quality makeup in minutes. Well, not like overloading the skin with makeup, so we have to get out. Today’s post will be about such products, which by virtue of comply with my wishes is a illuminating powder Highlighting powder Dermosil, tint/blush for lips and cheeks Dermosil Lip & Cheek colour in the shade of Misty Rose, and Dermosil liquid eyeshadow in the shade Gold.

So let’s go.

✔ The design of the powder – highlighter

The design is very minimalistic, no clutter, will be distracted glance, no. The powder is very heavy plastic box washer white shade, which was placed in a cardboard box.

With regular use, the case is not the worse for wear, no scratches, cracks are not formed, the letters are not erased. Case all as white as the first day. The lid opens at an optimum degree, closed with a distinctive click. Mirror, sponge or brush not included, although the mirror and asks)

✔ Shade

This illuminating powder is presented in a single color, which in refile is warm beige, but in real life, it looks a bit different: it’s a milky, translucent color contains shimmering particles.

It is perfectly tolerated and shade, creating a face light glare and delicate glow.

✔ Texture

Baked and very light, as if weightless, she did not crumble in the process of applying, but the typesetting, maybe a little dusting, but this is a little messy is not the case, and he will remain in a neat and white look.

✔ Volume

7 gr

The use of powder — highlighter

Powder paint in the standard region, which is applied highlighter, avoiding the back of the nose, because this is one of my weak areas on the face, which begins to swim and Zornitsa first. I have enough just a couple strokes of the brush, to select the line above the cheekbone, a tick on her upper lip and the tip of the nose, can also put a catchlight in the eyes. The dust lies in a thin veil, she is a shade, not showered, does not form the boundaries of the transition makeup.

The result of the use

As a result, for a couple of seconds I get fresh and like wet skin.

Given that the powder does not contain large and shiny pieces, extra lights will never get it and I don’t need.


The powder was subjected to a test by the sun, and passed it perfectly – she stayed in makeup, in the same neat effect. And this despite the fact that my combination skin in the summer was greasy, but the powder did not disappoint, do not run down and did not reach the hassle.

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Powder I was very pleased and made me turn more and more often, because it is very easy to use, does not create extra hassle in the form of a deficit or surplus, she is perfectly placed and shaded, it looks very appropriate and natural, able to even create the illusion that the skin itself was illuminated with this noble light, without any help. This shade fits my slightly tanned skin and did not interfere with him, those who have a rich tan, maybe the powder is a bit lightish.

Term of use: about 3 weeks

Price: 730 roubles

Rating: 5

The following product, which I hasten to tell you, will tint/blush for lips and cheeks in the shade of Misty Rose

✔ Clearance blush

The design is also very laconic, but, as for the color scheme, it will be a complete antithesis of the powder: blush is located in the black tube of soft plastic that was placed in a cardboard box.

The applicator is a very thin spout through which you can give out the minimum amount of product required for makeup. Plastic cover, opens and closes flawlessly. The constant use of Rouge, in the internal side of the cap can accumulate a little bit of product, but this is not critical and the appearance is not ruined by this and not lost.

✔ Shade

Shade of Misty Rose, is a warm pink, very natural color. It has high pigmentation, but the makeup of the intensity will be extremely difficult to achieve, perhaps even impossible.

The shade is easily layered, but active and bright colors still do not succeed to achieve, so overdo with the blush will not work. Therefore, this shade will suit lovers of naturalness.

✔ Texture

Creamy, not runny not watery. Excellent shade, not Petit, pulls the makeup does not sink into pores and leaves behind a light tint.

✔ Volume

15 ml

Use blush

A blush began to wear every day, because they are so simple and easy to apply that such an option “for the lazy” at the moment, perfect Put them immediately on the face and begin to gently and smoothly spread fingers. Thanks to its light texture, the blush blends beautifully, doesn’t limit me in time, because the hardening of they big enough, they do not leave stains, do not create the transition boundary and that merge with the makeup.Three drops is enough for me to make the face blush + lipstick in 2 layers.

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The result of the use

I have enough just a couple of drops, to give the face a fresh and healthy color, and her lips done or a little quieter or more mellow. I liked layering the blush to give a more intense tint of color. Color I just hammered her fingers to the necessary brightness.

Finish blusher to give velvety on the lips they are not felt, there is no effect stochasti, blush also does not highlight the structure and topography of lips. Frozen literally within minutes, but even after hardening, they become tightly fixed. Traces and stains left behind not.


The resistance is not too high – after 2-3 hours blush gently come, but pay attention: I have Combi skin that in summer season the slope to fat, so for me, in principle, the success, if you like, liquid texture spend me more than an hour. As for lips, blush holds a little longer, able to withstand light snacks.


Data blush just a universal tool with which it is possible to make up for a few seconds and literally on the run. They are perfectly fall and shade create a light and natural makeup, they are insanely comfortable to wear, not stick, does not leave stains, will not melt, floating … the list of advantages can go on and on.

Term of use: about 3 weeks

Price: 390 roubles

Rating: 5

The latest product, which is the story, this Liquid eyeshadow in the shade GOLD.

✔ The design Liquid eyeshadow

Design the same simple and concise — the shadows are in a plastic tube metal shade with screwed lid, which was placed in a cardboard box. On the tube there is a very convenient window, which allows you to track how much product was used.

The applicator has a uniform flat shape, it is very soft and comfortable application. During the use of the villi is not shabby and not fluffed, the applicator keeps the primeval form. The limiter claims – performs its functions properly.

✔ Shade

Warm bronze or gold tint, with a slightly metallic effect. Contains tiny shimmering particles and no large sequin and mother of pearl.

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The Gold shade has a high pigmentation, it is perfectly transferred and superimposed.

✔ Texture

Watery but not watery when applied and does not spread. Perfectly fits to forever and completely do not feel, also excellent shade and pulls the makeup. Fixation occurs within 15-20 seconds, so it’s time to feather abound.

✔ Volume

3.5 ml

The use of Liquid eye shadow

Given that the shadows are so easy to use, I began to use them as daytime makeup and evening. The first version of makeup, I just apply the shadow directly to the eyelid with the applicator and blending it with a finger, but lightly powder my eyelid because the skin is prone to fat. The shade I have from the first time they haven’t felt in centuries, not tightening the delicate skin of the eye, not imprinted and do not crack.

The result of the use

The result is a natural, easy summer makeup, which is made in just a few seconds and no problems. For evening makeup, I just darken the outer corner of the eye.


Resistance I was pleasantly surprised and impressed: given that this is not a waterproof product, it holds up in the heat all day. Shadow to the end of the day do not flow and does not crumble. It’s phenomenal.

Make-up remover

Problems with removal not there – the shade can easily wash off even with water, but I am using hydrophilic oil, I am so much calmer


These shadows are a godsend, because they are so easy to use and able to give such a wonderful and worthwhile result. They hold, as if beaten, and did not feel the eyes, they do not float and do not fall off and is able to stay even without a base. Easily even shade brushes, a finger – so the problems in use should not occur. Even frozen for an adequate time.

Term of use: about 3 weeks

Price: 490 roubles

Rating: 5


Phew, well, I spoke about the three products of the Finnish brand Dermosil, which, I think, worthy called multi-functional, and most importantly easy to use with which to handle even one who does far from make-up. But, in spite of its simplicity to use, what powder, blush, eye shadow give is not a simple result, and can create a very interesting and memorable images.

And how do you products from Dermosil? What I tried/want to try? Please share your impressions.

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