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Brand Botavikos I got interested in recently, though certain oils from Botanists use for a long time. I also wanted to try something from the subsidiary and the choice fell on the balancing serum-based oils of borage, evening primrose (evening primrose), black currant seeds. I want to share the results.

Balancing serum Botanicos

Volume: 30 ml

Shelf life: 2 years

Serum from Botanico has a faint yellowish tint, the texture of a light oil. A bottle of dark glass with a convenient pipette, but have a claim to the cover — bad twists.

The manufacturer assures that the serum gives an instant result, smooth, clean and radiant skin without Shine.

The balancing serum Botavikos an excellent oil composition: black currant, borage oil, evening primrose. Each of these oils rich in linoleic acid and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). GLA — a real godsend for skin with problems (acne, inflammation, dehydration, disturbed lipid barrier, etc.) They are in the top of the list.

The composition of the Balancing serum from Botanicos

Oils to use: just spray a bit of face with oily and combination or mistom and immediately apply the oil, pounded in his hands. Oil deposited in this way and work perfectly absorbed, does not clog my pores, does not provoke inflammation.

The result of the use of the serum is:

✔ Align face color — Yes, I noticed that complexion became more even, uniform. Not to say that it is a merit of the serum at 100%, rather, comprehensive care.

✔ Normalization of activity of sebaceous glands — Yes, the Shine I rarely bother

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✔ Tightens pores — argue With that. Convinced that in the long term is impossible. Correct me if mistaken.

✔ Saturation of the epidermis with vitamins and minerals — Yes, thank you to the team!

Surprisingly, with my sensitive skin, I tolerate whey well, although it is hardly suitable for allergic skin. There are a lot of potential irritants: extracts and oils of peppermint, ginger, cardamom, rosemary, lemon, strong scent.

The only thing that bothers me is the composition, or rather in the INCI if it is listed on the packaging?! According to her, the first 3 places oil black currant, borage and evening primrose, but they are very expensive, so serum so the budget cost.

On the Internet I found several variations of the composition of the serum with the same ingredients, but different sequence. To admit, I’m very confused and alarming, as the person who first reads the composition, and then looks at the promises and testimonials.

You use oil to care?

120₽цена9/10оценка2 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, sensitive skin

I — Natasha)

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