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I have a cushion, of tint for lips and glitter (shadow) for eyes, released under the brand Chupa Chups.

I will first enumerate the General characteristics of the products, not to write the same under each:

  • The production is in South Korea.
  • Contrary to my expectations (and to my great joy) cosmetics has almost no fragrance.
  • Cosmetics Packed in carton boxes, they have Russified stickers with information about the product. Themselves tubes only the brand name and a few characters.

Foundation-cushion-Chupa Chups Strawberry Candy Glow Cushion SPF50+ PA++++

Cushion weighing 14 grams. Chupa Chups Candy Glow Cushion sold in one shade 01 Ivory — light cream Foundation with a neutral undertone (not yellow and not pink), well adapts to the skin tone.

In plastic packaging has a small mirror.

Puff included. It’s great deals and tusuet product but soiled himself. You can apply Foundation on the skin as tapping and stretching movements (so I like even more: the coating is smoother and thinner).

No Glow in the tone I don’t see: there are no sequins on the skin (at least on my dry), I get the effect closer to matte than shiny, but the tone is very natural and even unnoticed.

Chupa Chups Candy Glow Cushion before/after

The cushion has a medium coverage, normally carries layering. Not only evens skin tone, and makes pores less visible.

I use the cushion without the base Chupa Chups, but a moisturizer in the morning, never miss. Foundation may accentuate strong peeling (if any), but the new you don’t draw.

Chupa Chups Candy Glow Cushion in the overall makeup

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Chupa Chups Candy Glow Cushion adequately maintains the working day is not oxidized in the pores does not fall down and does not disappear from the skin. The phone does not stain.

Overall, the tool is absolutely uncomplicated: easy to apply and predictable throughout the day.

Rating: 5

Price: 1990 roubles

Liquid sequins for eyes Chupa Chups Bling Bling Eyes (the shade of Brown City)

Sequins for the eyes — a new format product to me, which I, with your permission, I will call the “shadow”, because, in fact, sequins are liquid shadows, as we have our own pigment and can be used as a standalone make-up.

Native sponge is only suitable to move the product to the eyelid, to blend I use my fingers.

top to bottom: sparkles for eyes applied with a sponge / feathered / Stila (shade Kitten Karma)

The main advantage of these shadows — beauty and versatility. A thin layer of solo they will fit and work in the office, and on top of other shades will make festive look brighter.

On the bare skin may be slightly flexivity, but should at least powder my eyelid or to apply a base shadow as sequins go perfectly.

Chupa Chups Candy Glow Cushion and Chupa Chups Bling Bling Eyes in the General makeup

The main complaint I have for this product from Chupa Chups: during the day, the sequins fall off under the eyes. One day more, another less, sometimes almost rained, but the patterns it depends on what I have yet to identify could not.

Rating: 4

Price: 890 roubles

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Velvety lipstick-pink Velvet Chupa Chups Lip Tint (hue Midnight Burgundy)

Very comfortable & long-lasting tint to the lips.

The consistency at the time of application — highly pigmented oil. The first half hour has a glossy finish, then it becomes matte, but my lips tightens.

A big sponge in the shape of a spoon, remarkably well and evenly distributes tint on the lips.

My shade — Midnight Burgundy is more raspberry than wine. Bright, color dense pigment covers the lips with the first layer.

Tint from Chupa Chups does not spread, does not roll with white stripes, is not going to wrinkles and, in General, is not felt on the lips.

Resistance more than 4 hours, without problems withstands water and light snacks. Mug slightly stain, but the lip is not going away. To the end to remove the pigment from her lips only means for make-up remover.

Chupa Chups Velvet Lip Tint in the overall makeup, the tone EL

Rating: 5

Price: 890 roubles

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