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A few years ago, when knowledge about the makeup I was little, and even fewer have the experience

for some reason I sincere believe that all makeup should be applied only with natural hair. Trying to strike a tone in this way, and even likely, brush,

type is absolutely not designed for this, I decided that BB cream is for pros.

To happiness, with time, everything changed. First, I attempt to apply anything on the face, like a, sponge, and quickly realized that to be able to hide the redness it is very good


Once mastered the sponge, I wanted to experiment.

Experiment using brushes from Kryolan 32M-7110 from the pile of ponies to a good result I was led – strips were all over his face.

And in the fall of 2017 I decided it was time to succumb to the entreaties of bloggers and to buy the same synthetic face)

I must say that bb or Foundation, I use very rarely, 1-2 times a week maximum. The rest of the time my whole disguise is a powder of different degrees of density.

So the first purchase was the brush-baby from docolor.

Let’s just say it’s love. I do it alone, only because I keep forgetting to order a couple more. At least the one I necessary due to the only downside of this brush –

it is a long time to dry, the next day after washing it’s still quite humid.

But the advantages she has many tightly Packed, very, very soft on the skin tone gives completely

leaves no streaks, does not roll up tone when overlaying, it is extremely comfortable in the hand. For almost

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year of operation 1 once a week at least, it looks new, not a hair fell out.

Length 11 cm, the pile 15 mm.

Price: 200-300 rubles

Rating: 5+, highly recommend to purchase.

After the first successful experience of buying Chinese brushes for the face, I decided to buy a set from


It consisted of 4 brushes, I have only three, blush brush took mom, my daughter carries it in the purse without a case, and brushes though henna.

I have left 3 brush. They have no individual names, so I’m getting creative:

Brush flat-cut:

Not Packed very tight, the pile when applying tone prominaetsya, the brush absorbs it, the result

the skin is zero. More and badly washed. The pile is cut imperfectly, in the process

operation it turned out that not very efficiently bonded, the feeling that the edge of the hairs have started the path to freedom. Put this brush the thick dust from the Pupa, is she good polynomial. The pile is soft on the skin enjoyable.

Rating: 3

Blush brush-large:

Packed denser than the previous, well-bonded hair elastic, pleasant on the skin. Used

it for blush and sculptor. Can’t say that delighted with the products it does not a thin layer, but shade them in the haze I have already is. Use it for loose powder.

Rating: 4.

Brush with a beveled cut:

I use it for powder, it is Packed denser than the first brush from the set, but for liquid funds, I still didn’t fit. But to put it that tight that a light layer of powder is very nice and easy – a pile of soft, elastic, dry product gives great. The frequency of washing on

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the pen left marks the place of attachment of the gum in drying.

Rating: 5-.

The price of the set: 500 rubles.

Later in the winter, I came across a review on the. where advised brush

Vela.yue Foundation Makeup Brush

The brush is very densely Packed, such a density I haven’t met yet. When conducting

with your finger with pressure to push the lint obtained not more than 30% of their length. In this density there are pros and cons. Plus the fact that liquid tone brush eats not very eagerly, but the fact that soaked, to wash have worked long and hard.

The brush I love for applying tone, a good carrier, strips leaves, very soft. The surface she’s got a little vellus hairs a bit-slightly not the same length, but it is not a question of build quality, I understand, intended to create a feeling of softness

downy hair. Dries two days. I use it often, just because too lazy to clean up.

Rating: 5

Price: 500 rubles.

Passion for the unknown does not sleep, and I ordered a green site set

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Cheek And Lip Set

So, brush Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brush Cheek

Use it for applying sculptor. Tusuet she so fine layering, you can leave just a hint of color. As the blush brush did not fit, size too big

colored right half face)

Elastic, the pile of Packed medium, easy to clean, dries in a day. A good working brush.

Rating: 5

Brush Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Duo-fiber contour brush

What I do not understand. How such a small change can do sculpturing, and even cream?

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Immediately it will say that the brush is small, but it is worth it to shrink, and it turns out that lint

there – a cat naplakal. And for the nose to settle down – scattering fibers are too wide. Or

me hands curves)))

But I found her. It perfectly pulls out the meteor dust from the bottom of the jar, balloons in a loose pile do not get stuck tone when applying the powder does not move. But, again,

I want the powder was applied with one motion, and then because of the size we have to stick to

the Bank three or four times.

Rating: 4.

The cost of the kit (including lip brush): about 1000 rubles.

Like all)

All beauty and sunshine!


Tell us, what’s your favorite brush for applying liquid foundations?

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