My understanding of the color Red Pear on Pantone. Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Laquer in shade 077 Persian Red

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Good day!

Today we will talk about the nail Polish this winter in the actual shade of Red Pear according to Pantone. I invite you to watch 🙂

Winter is a special time of year, weather conditions colour palette of shades of lipstick we choose. They must be combined with winter clothing, not to emphasize the redness of frozen fingers and look good in artificial warm lighting. Color Red Pear like no other meets the needs of winter manicure: unusual shade of red appropriate for work (as discreet), and in the evening for a Cup of coffee somewhere in a café. In my laksapana was a copy, and walked in the autumn and undeservedly forgotten –Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Laquer in shade 077 Persian Red.

It was lyrical digression, and now about the varnish:

Brush: densely Packed, crooked cut, to paint it, but you should try because it is sooooo hard to get close to the cuticle.

Texture: the cream, in what is quite dense. I think Shoud be able to stow it in one thick layer. but the color will be nyamnyi, besides too thick a layer of this varnish can bubble. I put two layers, so it looks more dramatic.

Colour: complex and multifaceted. Official store of the brand color in the box is depicted as a dusty pink, but the paint never looks! In Sunny autumn weather were really red (matching the title) with a slight brown undertone. Now, in the winter it cloudy maroon brown, its lightness depends on the lighting and background, assimilates. I prefer it in the sunshine is more cheerful) But now it looks noble and goes well even with the yellowish neparvarama skin (which is often bright red does not accept) is Unique in its hellenistische, even in the evening light is not allochernes, brownish, but not black.

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Durability: normal, not phenomenal. On the third day of rubbing the ends. Chipped off from the corners of the nails on the fourth or fifth day. But this point is subjective.

In the photo varnish in two layers plus a top-drying (Eva Mosaic).

A cloudy day, the light from the window. On the background of a pink hue brightens a bit

In the back of the room. Dark background and dark nail Polish too.
Background lightened and varnish are not visually otstala white background appeared more krasnovatoe evening light. The shade looks more dense

Volume: 11 ml.

Price: 440 roubles at the official website. With a discount of 300, lucky brand Kiko often there are all sorts of discounts.

Rating: varnish — 5 and brush — 3. In the amount of 4.

Thank you for been with me for a few moments)

I’m Anya, I’d be happy to find the same likomanov)

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