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I have already talked about the palette Blushing Berries, which, together with her sister I took to finish the order to get free shipping. The berry beauty won my heart, but certainly not became the first place in my personal top of the charts. In contrast to the Marvelous Mauves.

This post is no intrigue. The shadows — best of the pressed matte that came into my hands. They are soft, they are pigmented, they get flustered so easy that it’s hard to believe. If the previous one made me look to the brand, this encourages people to buy all the palettes in this series, strangled inner toad. Because such shade in the collection are not redundant.

Packing them is not very pretentious. A cardboard box with hues, their titles and useful information on the rear part, inside the plastic palette that reflects light and collects all the possible prints. Closes with a latch, which is not harmful for the nails.

Inside has a mirror, small but comfortable, and the brush is quite suitable for use in the field. One side is flat and fluffy, the second is the uvula for small parts or the lower eyelid.

On the back of the palette are repeated in the names of the shades.

All the shadows matte. The colors in it my hundred percent. Its way into makeup I started out with similar shades (only much less than amazing quality) and I love them so far. For me this palette is perfect for travelling, usually when I travel I don’t spend a lot of time on makeup, and ultimately choose something in these colors (and matte). Here is all you need for a good image and color to align the century, and for deepening, and for arrows, and for extra drama.

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Swatches on the top row caused to the flat and fluffy brush to clean the skin, lower — on concealer Catrice.

Under the ring lampoil day winter light

It is seen that the pigmentation of the shadows are amazing. I very rarely wear shadow without a base, but during the holidays a couple of times lazy and just want a medium shade on the eyelid, a little rosevale edges and went for a walk. Evening (or morning) came back with pristine makeup. It’s fantastic.

It is worth noting that all shades of dust, if they poke a bit more with a brush than stroking the wings of a butterfly. In principle, the light touch enough, but if you just push the palette is covered with crumbs. Consumption appropriate.


Fluffy — light pink that almost blends with my skin, adding to her slightly refreshing shade. On the lashes you can see that I overdid the set on the brush, if not obsessed, to pour nothing will happen. Under the eyes, as can be seen, nor tithe. My perfect rastushevok. 5/5


Rosy — pink is nice, it is not related to the pigs shade. Here, again, you may notice that I did not calculate with the amount of shadow on the brush, and part of it crumbled to the eyelashes. In General it should be noted that all the shades it is better to type with one touch, so they will be less dust and crumble, respectively, do not even think. What about this particular color in the crease, intermediate in shading it’s very good. 5/5

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Wishy Washy

Wishy Washy is my love. Stunning sophisticated shade of dusty rose, almost disappearing into the violet. Dusty least, Blendable entry, it looks amazing. I’m afraid it will be the first in my collection that I will spend every last crumb (and, judging by the pace, it will happen in the foreseeable future). 5+++/5

Spaced Out

Spaced Out — krasivuy brownish cranberries. Again, Blendable divine, any problems does not deliver, I want to use everywhere. No flaking, no patnet. Perfect. 5/5

Wine Stain

Wine Stain purple-brown. The only thing to which I have a small questions. It is very dusty. Much. Despite the fact that I used it less Wishy Washy with this shade already completely erased the picture. He doesn’t showered, which for me is the mystery and miracle of miracles. Blendable well, if you add a transition Spaced Out — all fantastic. And the color is beautiful, just look! 5-/5

And a couple of make-UPS.

In the crease Fluffy and Rosy, on a movable century the Wishy Washy, in the external area — Spaced Out. So I go most often.

Experiments 🙂 In the inner corner and smudge Spaced Out, and the rest — Wine Stain.

What can I say? For me it’s perfect.

Cost: take a discount for €22.05 (about 1650 rubles at current exchange rate)

Rating: 5+/5

I hope that was helpful 🙂

I’m Alena, me for you.

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