My unexpected love with very well, the budget lipstick Parisa

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Good day dear.

If you are looking not expensive but comfortable lipstick on everyday life, you here.

The lipstick I found quite by accident when buying Korean cloth masks and as they say “on delivery”.

Bought and forgot, but just a couple of months ago found it in the purse and decided to paint her lips.

What was my surprise, when it is perfectly formed on her lips, pulled the pigment and looks very gentle and natural.

I took a neutral color, covered with roses, room L22, although the variety of colors is very large, I noticed about 20 different shades at least.

With this makeup I didn’t know him, never even seen it in our large stores, all because I had to look in the little beauty sections.

It is difficult to see it on the shelves, because there are no bright and flashy design. A simple bullet packaging with transparent cap, which sits very tight, so if you wear this lipstick with me, by chance you have it just will not open.

Manufacturer: China

Weight: 3.8 grams

Period after opening: 24 months

Brand does not test its products on animals.

The texture is very pleasant, despite the fact that the manufacturer calls it a matte, lipstick still on the texture of the leaves in a pleasant creamand on lips with a hint of satin, but again, on a cream base.

Lips without lipstick and a balm.

Lies in the course of the day perfectly. Not rolled with white stripes at the junction of the lips and for fans to talk is a significant plus.

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Also it is absolutely not sticky and if you prefer flowing hair, they won’t stick to lips.

Off the lip-it is quite evenly and for a long time that I don’t eat or drink in the moment when wearing lipstick this lipstick, I think it lasts 4 hours that’s for sure.

Under natural light in the room

It also doesn’t leave a tint, that is the pigment of the lipstick to the lips eats and does not dry them. Rinse any cleanser to remove makeup.

The most important point, after applying lipstick on the lips, no dryness and no need to apply balm to bring them in form. Also I don’t have stained the contour lip pencil, this lipstick is sitting and waiting for the outline and fills in wrinkles.

If you have peeling, don’t worry, she will not stress.

This is the rare case when a budget lipstick is of great quality.

In the sun


The large color gamut.

— Wearable shade for every day.

— Does not dry lips and not falling into the white stripes.

— Has no perfume.

Stick the fondant securely fastened in the package.

— The first layer is well stained lips.

— May be layered.

— Pigment after removing the lipstick does not remain on the skin.

— It is not expensive.

To give a more interesting and multi-faceted color of this lipstickcan be applied on top of lip gloss. And it turns out that’s the beauty.

With holographic glitter NYX a very thin layer.

Term use for 2 months (over 14 times)

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Cost: approximately 200 rubles

Assessment: 5 points.

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