My unique opening 2018. A Must-have for all skin types. Hydrogel facial and body Korolkova

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Good day!

First of all, I congratulate all with the beginning of autumn. All patience, perseverance, good spirits. Let the autumn melancholy will pass You.

And to start this season want unique discovery that I made for myself. You all have heard about the hydrogel patches and masks. I want to say that the hydro gel Korolkova is quite another.

Again note that my involvement in the world of makeup artists allows me to access very interesting products in the early stages. So it was this time. KOROLKOVA company of the beauty industry, created by the World Champion on hairdresser’s art and decorative cosmetics, Elena Korolkova. And the hydro gel, in question, entered the market this year.

Hydrogel KOROLKOVA is an innovative development of the scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of organic chemistry and medicine.
The unique formula provides deep and rapid penetration of microparticles of gel deep inside the pores of the skin.


In view of the hydro gel is transparent, slightly bluish tint. Is the consistency of jelly. Easily applied to the skin and distributed over the face. Bottle 250 ml with a convenient dispenser. How much is enough don’t know yet.

But what is it?

I found the 2 most effective application.

First, to prepare the face for makeup. An ideal option. Even if you have very dry scaly skin, he will lead her in order. In this case, you must apply the gel layer on the face and leave for 5 minutes until fully absorbed. If the skin is very dry, after drying, reapply. Do not rinse! Gel form on the skin and barely perceptible thin film, the substrate cools, dries slightly tightens. Has a light lifting effect. Unlike nourishing creams, not oily skin, very well absorbed. Important point! Apply on well cleansed skin. The skin looks after applying the smoother, firmer, hydrated. Makeup goes on perfectly.

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The second application. I apply it at night to cleansed face. Here attention! My skin is problematic, wrote repeatedly. So it not only hydrates the skin but also heals all the problems on the face. 100% inspected. In the morning the skin looks perfect.

The third application is rather funny. Decided to test it on mosquito bites) Works. Stops itch immediately goes out.

About the whitening effect to say anything yet. My face is now quite tanned. It is difficult to judge. But moisturizing, firming, calming, healing effect is 100 %. And I have not seen yet anyone that this gel does not fit. By the way, unlike hydrogel masks and patches. For me personally, they do not fit — dry skin and cause irritation. If you do so, do not be afraid to take the hydro gel.

In General, this is the bomb, the BOMB, BOMBAAA! Honestly. I’m rarely so excited.

If there are those who tried, write your impressions.

Body believe use it is impractical. Expensive get.

Term of use: 1 month

Price: 800 RUB

Rating: 5+++


Really looking forward to those who tried the tool with real experiences, not conjecture on the subject. Very interested to hear from you.

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