My winter fragrances. One gray soul, while others carry in the summer. Lancome, Dior, Boucheron

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Hi, girls!

Not so long ago realized that some flavors are only use in winter and summer. There are, of course, Pets in the mood and time is not affected.

However, present to you their winter collection, which pleases more in winter than in other seasons.

6 flavors which are often used in the cold season.

Dior Miss Dior EDP2017

for me is more of a trophy. I could only dream about a Dior bottle, so even now it gives me more aesthetic pleasure.

But sometimes I put it when I’m in a good mood, I don’t focus and don’t want to attract much attention.

The aroma is floral, delicate and feminine. It is quite easy and relaxed. The case when in transport, you do not someone to strangle a persistent smell.

Rather, this fragrance is best used in the moment of transition of winter to spring. It is in this cold period I thought about him.

Durability: the flavor is not Daisy, light, airy. To me revealed gently, 7-8 points out of 10.

Group: floral-shipovye

The composition: Top notes sound red orange, giving the fragrance a freshness and sparkle, followed by elegant notes of the heart, where twisted essence of Neroli from Tunisia and Rose Rosa damascena.

Sign of chypre fragrances, Indonesian Patchouli gives this radiating joy toilet water their individuality.

Boucheron Quatre EDP 2015

One among the favorite aromas after a few years. Luxurious and exquisite smell conquered

first breath. Intense citrus and floral aroma is very thick and unusual. It is difficult to find similar.

I don’t use the first bottle and not for the first time in the autumn-winter period.

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Durability: 10 of 10! Gives expensive citrus-musky trail. Reveals expensive and sophisticated!

Group: floral fruity


Top notes: tangerine, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit

Middle notes: Apple, Peach, Jasmine, Strawberry, rose

Base notes: Caramel, White musk, Cashmeran, White cedar, Vanilla

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose & Lancome in love

Two very beautiful floral and moderately sweet flavors.

Refined neck, elegant bow create a feminine bottle, which seems to be designed for a true lady.

Lancome Tresor In Love EDP 2010

Conquered me in 2011 when I first went into a large Letual capital, and fell in love with this airy and feminine, created for young ladies and handsome young ladies!

Group: floral fruity


Top notes

Nectarine, Bergamot, Pink pepper, Pear

Middle notes

Jasmine, Violet, TAIF rose, Peach color

The fragrance opens with subtle, playful. I more feel the nectarine and pear, peach, citrus fade into the background.

It is light and delicate, with warm sweetness of summer fruits!

Vitality: hear for yourself close to the skin and hair, the cloud is not feel, apparently, because my sense of smell had become more sensitive. However, the flavor is not less highly complimentary than the bottle above. My score 9/10 points.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose EDP 2011

Fragrance Midnight Rose — a Real hot summer and succulent branches of raspberry! It truly is most of all feel the aroma of berries, namely raspberries, not yet gathered in the garden at grandma’s and close the opened peony dark roses. The scent of a summer evening!

You can use in the summer, but for summer it’s too berry and floral too. And in the winter it is very comfortable and dreamy.

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Durability: 10/10 points. Sensual and delicious. Rich berry, but not stewed. The fragrance sounds elegant, in spite of my simple perception.

Group: floral woody musk


Top notes: rose, Raspberry

Middle notes: Jasmine, Pink pepper, Peony

Base notes: Musk, Vanilla

Lancome La vie est belle l’eclat EDT 2017

Eastern flavor, which I loved immediately. The first time I felt it Oriental notes, which sounded bright and loud, but closer to the skin pushed me notes of white flowers. I heard the cloying scent of the white water Lily, and he pushed me to dizziness.

But I gave it a chance. Again and again I listened to him until he’s in love.

Your attention is a true winter fragrance. In the summer it is possible to asphyxiate someone, but in winter their presence can only be warm and give a feeling of comfort and harmony.

Sparkling and thick, rich Oriental motif allows you to put 1-2 zilch to create incredible persistent plume.

Durability: the scent is incredibly strong! One drop will be enough to make the whole evening fragrance. In the winter it warms me with special love.

Rating 10 out of 10!

Group: Oriental floral


Top notes: Bergamot

Middle notes: Orange blossom, White flowers

Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla

Lancome la vie est belle l’eclat eau de toilette 2018

A lighter composition, more floral, but the same unusual and Oriental.

The fragrance is as intense, but less thick. The Oriental notes mixed with notes of tea and neroli, amber and patchouli don’t let Jasmine and rose give the fragrance more floral

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motives. Oriental scent became easier, but the banality of delicate flowers to add him failed.

Group: Oriental floral


Top notes: Bergamot, Pink pepper, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tea

Middle notes: Orange blossom, Neroli, Jasmine, Turkish rose

Base notes; Amber, Patchouli, Musk, iris

Durability: at least high as his relatives, but for the intensity and density of sound, I need 3-4 zilch. Flavor yet leaves a light trail of white flowers. This is a finish of Jasmine in the trail owner.

Rating 9/ 10 points.

Fragrances Lancome la vie est belle l’eclat for true gourmets. For me are perfect for the winter season.

Lancome Tresor — fragrance, which can’t catch feminine and sensual nature. Fragrances that can be used at any time of the year, but in winter they remind me of summer evenings and blossoming gardens.

Miss Dior, EAI parfumé de — scent of lightness and freedom. But I don’t have enough highlights, brightness. The aroma of spring rather than winter. However, sometimes we think about it in the winter.

And the most beloved and dear to Boucheron Quater, luxurious and elegant, slightly slip notes of citrus, but it does not make itself vividly to mind. Aroma of passion and splendor. All the time wonder why such a masterpiece is left in the shadow of the ads!

And what flavors presented today me, are you familiar with and what I would like to listen to?

And what perfumes do you prefer winter?

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