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On the packaging there is nothing to tell — it refil. Cardboard display, cardboard.

Weight 2.5 grams.

Made In Italy.

Let’s get right to the color. “Burnt peach duochrome with teal and fuchsia reflects, “reads a description on the official site (which I of course read after I made the order). “Reas! Reas!” I thought. How to live now with this peach?

Despite the fact that the color description is very accurate, in the end, it is the coldest color of my sample is similar. Our database it really is a warm peach-beige color, but fuchsia in the composition gives mainly pink-violet sheen. Tiel even more “cool” shades. In General, they are pronounced pink-purple-tilby trigram, but sometimes Peeps and persikovoe.

Just talk about the characteristics and nuances. The shade feels very soft, silky. On the fingers a little glitterdust are distinguishable, but very delicate. Not too soft, typed on a finger in a few moves, the brush is good too. Shimmer fine grinding, the Whole Teal look under the eyes. That’s right there they piled it tilam, no fuchsia, no peach ???? Shadow, not the dust, but when applied the shimmer showered under the eyes even when using fingers. Use these shadow patches, because shimmer is a tenacious, clings well to the skin. The tape and rollers for clothes.

Easy to apply, lays down subtly, creating a feeling a little damp century, gives a beautiful uniform overflow (not the individual sequins in a database of a different color). Requires base. Without her, the whole metallic paint can be brush away from the skin, the base of any, but I noticed if applied to the cured base in normal mode (caused base, begin to paint the eyes, first paint the crease, etc.), then after a working day under the eyes is crumbling shimmer. Not all over the face, but a decent band. So I put in a separate database (or add, if inflicted before) and immediately put in the shade. That is a special base for the glitter is not required, but some stickiness — Yes. Then everything will remain in place. Without the base shade I don’t wear, but on the basis no questions: do not roll or fade.

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Oh, and then Swatch. ???? Shade is very variable, so in different lighting at different angles. Without the base, your finger.

It seemed to me that it is very similar to Urban Decay #Tonic, but close to Alchemy immediately see the difference: Tonic more uniform in color, without sparks, duochrome much less, its base closer to the low tide, pinkish-purple, and the ebb cooler, purple-blue.

Most similar to the colors of the shadows Tammy Tanuki (space modulations which, as usual, remained beyond the capabilities of the lens):

  • Enchantress (reddish-brown prismatic turquoise with pink shimmer);
  • The host star of the bath (large prismatic shimmer overflow from turquoise-green to pinkish-brown);
  • The matriarch (Large, shimmering mica with a very strong prismatic effect from blue to pink on a brown base).

The texture of the enchantress — the finest grind, without a separate overflow sequin, doohamlet. If you do not go into the texture and size of the shimmer in these three shadow Tammy for me one problem — a red-brown base. Under the same light Krasavina, and come under a different light, I want crying to run back from the rust on the eyelids. Therefore, with the Enchantress and the rest I have love and hate ???? But Alchemy looks cool, despite all of his peach, and certainly aren’t going to rust. Finger to the base in one motion.

And here is just shows what I was talking about the need for the base: I just waved with a fluffy brush, and all the shadows shattered. Skin was left only the base color is pale stripe.

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Eyes in the daylight.

I’m not quite daylight — the screen of the phone worked like a flash.

Shadows I am satisfied with entirely. Unique color that I was looking for, hassle-free durability (I always worried the most), good pigmentation, easy application. Only one minus was the shower, but it is easy to handle, additional tools glittery base is not required.

I can’t shake them.)

Price: about â £10.

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