Nail Polish Sally Hansen “Salon manicure”. The perfect shade at all times, will add a bright accent to your look

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All a wonderful day!
Just recently I decided to give my nails a break from gel Polish, and went to the usual lacquers. By many standards I am satisfied with lucky’s “Sally Hansen” for many years I used a series of “Xtreme”, but today I want to introduce you a Polish from the “Salon manicure”, color 570 Right Said Red.

Country of origin: Spain

Amount: 14,7 ml

Expiration date: until November 2020 ( bought in July 2018)

Price: 280 rubles

The color is classic red.
Think red nail Polish on neat short nails looks perfect. And if you have a monochrome image, the red color on the nails will serve as an excellent accent. Although, red is almost always appropriate))
What I have conquered this bottle is the durability. The housekeeper I hired, and household duties has not been canceled, but I don’t like mopping the floor with gloves on. The test varnish was, but after five days of wear on the tips of the appeared cracks. To be considered, you need to look, therefore, not critical.
What else bribed me — it’s the brush.

I’m doing a manicure myself at home, so for me it is very important that the brush was comfortable. Brush a wide, flat. Do not need special skills and experience, not to deal with it.

The volume of the bottle is also pleasing, 14.7 ml for nail Polish a lot. Will last a long time if tightly screw on the cap to observe the conditions of storage and not exposed to direct sunlight.
Watery varnish, easy to apply on nail, it arrived. But one layer is not enough. I apply two layers, the coating is dense and opaque.
And yet, to varnish looked and behaved ideally, you should apply a base and top (upper protection layer). Then there is exactly the manicure you will enjoy for a long time!
About the longitude, by the way. I wore this nail Polish for 8 days and then erased, as I’m just tired. I think that 8 days for the Lac indicator.
And finally. There is a small minus. Lacquer dries long, especially the second layer. That is why when we first met I’ve ruined the manicure, I had to block it. But with the base and drying do not have this problem. In General, lacquer is great, I’ll take other colors, and recommend you!

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