NARS Christmas 2018

Cristmas ideas

This year along with other my favorite brands and their Christmas collections, my attention was drawn to NARS audacious collection.


Usually for Christmas all so cute, but no. Here we have the flamboyant rocker’s collection, the spirit of true freedom. As in the design of products and choice of colors.

As part of the collection was released three lipsticks Nars Audacious Lipstick in shades of Sienna (exclusively for Nordstrom), Nancy (exclusive of the corners and online store Nars) and Siouxsie (exclusive to Sephora). I have the last shade in the red box.

Beautiful box and gorgeous stick of lipstick, stylized under the rocker studs. I think that is just the coolest solution brand in the design of the sticks of lipstick.


A shade of dark plum and is designed to create a cool punk/rock image. And not only him.

In stick lipstick seems to be more brown with a slight care in eggplant. But swatches the arm is already obvious plum note. And lipstick does not seem to have such a dark and horrible.

Line of Audacious lipsticks is a hit at the brand and the colors that I tried, and really great quality. This shade Siouxsie is no exception.


Lipstick has a moderately soft texture, easy to apply on lips with a brush, and without it. In principle, the circuit can draw without AIDS, but because dark lipstick is more demanding definition of the contour, so it is always better to use pencil and brush.

The coating is very comfortable, softens lips, not dry them. Not clogged in the folds of your lips, not sinking into the white stripes, but may slightly emphasize the peeling.

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Contour the lipstick does not flow simply stand for a snack and a Cup of coffee. Well, except that it will be possible to tweak a little bit. Lunch will not survive and will have to apply lipstick again. Eats a little pigment on the lips, but any micellar easily completely remove the lipstick.

Design, quality, and a little outrageous. Here everything is fine 🙂

Your Nadya

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