Nastya, what was it? Ambiguous Norvina Eyeshadow Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills

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If you ask me, the shadow of what brand I love the most, I will answer without thinking for a second — Anastasia Beverly Hills. Stunning quality cream shimmer, an ultra-pigmented, but easy to smudge matte shadow — well, just ready to sing odes to her palettes! But buying Norvina Eyeshadow Palette I resisted to the last — and the colors not really purple, and, judging by the reviews, the quality of this palette is worse, but the discounts on black Friday did the trick))

Here it is, the purple in the shower, but not purple in reality our Nastya. More Precisely, Norvin. Just the palette 14 shades, half of which are matte, half — symerna. Of 14 colors close to purple only three shades.

I really like this feature. — cover is easy.

According to the classics, finished with white soft material a La the velvet castle — magnetic.

The usual charts Nastya sided brush — fluffy side hellishly prickly, but to the flat side no questions — she is quite good friends with timername shadows.

As I said, to purple in the palette gamma does not hold. It includes classic bronze shimmer, wandering from one mosaic to another, but still slightly different from each other, the base color for fixing — also classics of the charts Nasty. But only Norwine there is no black colour.

Spystudio setspackaging light

So, classic bronze ukrelkom no questions — summer, rose gold, dazzling — is the quality that I love so much Anastasia — it’s creamy, butter like texture that just by themselves jump on the eyelid, and are dense, a stunning metallic.

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But while trying to run a playful finger in the most beautiful color palettes — wild child, celestial, drama — there is a misunderstanding of what is happening… It’s quite dry and powdery shades, and they just fucking are very different from my beloved formula Nastiny of shimarov.They have some translucent, poorly transmissible brush — in short, no cake. If you compare them with some other Face, they are normal, ordinary. But if you compare with the same Anastasia — then there is only pain and disappointment:(

If we talk about Matt, the situation repeats itself — classic colors are good, but more interesting and surprising, soul and love are very different in quality. Again, they’re kind of translucent and dry, totally not like the other matte colors. Although they are not entirely matte — Revilo you can see the small shimmer on the eye they go just so, without a hint of Shine.

That’s what you get with this palette:

Makeup used two pink wild child and love. What I said — very translucent — atypical eyeshadow Anastasia. Although, quite gently. There’s the taste and color.

In an attempt to extract from the palette at least something purple, put together in one way and soul celestial:

Tried to darken the outer corner shade drama — but he does not want to overlap with and be friends with brushes — he just flew under the eyes.

A more everyday version of the makeup in warm tones — passion in the crease area, the rose gold on the mobile eyelid.

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The classics — the shadow is rather loose and fragile, stiff brushes they better not go.

Something like that… Honestly, I was a little disappointed and upset. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of reviews that it is a little bit not what we’re accustomed to, but I did not lose hope until the last. I love the Anastasia palettes — Soft Glam and Sultry, but Norvina is clearly lagging behind the trio on quality.

Price: 42 pounds.

Rating: 3.

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