Natasha Denona Camel Palette – Perfect nadowa five for 48$?

Hello! Iconic makeup artist Natasha denona at the end of August 2018, issued on its assurances “Not just another brown palette, and the perfect story nadovich shades”. Let’s deal got it at Natasha or not?

Generally Natasha denona renowned for its huge fabulous expensive palettes on 15 ($129), 18 ($169) and even 28 ($239) shades. But the last time she took pity on the ordinary people who want to try her famous shadows and began to produce mosaic of 5 shades ($48) and even a mini palettes ($28).

One of those fives hit me in the composition of a Luckybag.

Daylight, Samsung S9 (all photos)

Just note the packing, it is made of quality white plastic with a transparent lid that opens 180 degrees. The palette is magnetic and if desired, some of refollow replace (with this palette, I want to do), however buying odnushki will cost $29. Packing Natasha my first like, it is comfortable and looks expensive. The reverse side has a description and number of shades. Also, this information is on the cardboard packaging. The shade made in Italy, the weight of one of the refil 2.5 grams, total weight 2,5 x 5 = 12,5 grams, the price per gram of $3,84.


In a palette is represented by 3 textures:

  • Arrosto — dark brown with yellow undertone (matte)
  • Dune — light peach-Golden Nude (satin)
  • Safari is a dusty ochre (matte)
  • Copper Stone — bright copper with nutovo-gold sheen (metallic)
  • Zand — warm Sienna (matte)


Reading the description of the shades and looking at the Swatch, the first thing the question arises: Natasha, why do we need two almost identical ochre eyeshadow palette 5 shades?

Shade Safari a little colder and a little warmer Zand. They are both medium intensity, both the transient, both rastushevok. The feeling that we slip four shades for the price of five, as the difference in century and almost no…

I would also like to talk about the quality of the shades. In my opinion, Matt’s the most successful just warm Zand, it is soft, creamy, not tanushka and clean oil. Cool shades Arrosto and Safari a little dry, tefilah after switcha fingers became visible clogging, the feeling that the shadows are not homogeneous and some part is typed in, better than the other. In fairness I will say that if you set color on a fluffy brush rastushevok such zakalivanie was not, and when I used the shadows after swatches, they become less noticeable. All the matte shades in this palette are pigmented, no dust, perfectly layered and shaded. No questions to the formula of the shadows I have.

Also in the palette there is one satin shade. I do not really like it. It’s loose enough, white satin, without any visible overflow. Shade dry, typed on the brush clumps. On the eyelid well tolerated. Like all shades, it is also pigmented.

The only eyeshadow palette metallic is its star. It is a beautiful warm bronze with clear gold overflow. It is easy to apply with a brush, a finger. Probably the only shade from the palette, which crumbles under the eyes when applied.

Podela makeup, I realized that the shadow from Natasha Denona is a great quality for decent money.

Will add here the official Swatch for clarity.

This is not my first palette from Natasha, the collection I already had white Gold.


Putting them side by side you would think that if they’re not twins, definitely twins.

On Swatch the difference becomes more obvious.

First, I compared all of the two matte palettes.

All the shades in the palette, Gold shade formula is identical to the Zand. On this Safari swatches shade paler shade Zand just due to the roasting first. Similar were only two shades, this is Zand (warm ochre) and Sand Stone (cold yellowish-beige).

Compare the shade of Copper Stone with metallics from the palette Gold.


All four Metallica have the same texture and characteristics. And I am very glad that they were all different. The shade Cava — pressed sequins.

I made 3 different variations of makeup. They are all made in one day. As a base used smashbox 24 hour photo finish shadow primer.

Daylight at the window.

Then I tried to repeat the makeup in the style of Natalia, namely active clear dark crease and a contrasting bright top lid. Strange happened… but as they say what happened, it turned out🙈. Here you can see the shadows stuck on the base on the border of the shading. In the rest of the makeup I used bright satin Tempera shade from the palette ABH.

1) Brush Tom Ford 13 (rastokina, goat) caused Zand shade above the crease.

2) Clean with Zoeva 227 brush (flat rastokina, goat) stushevalas border application.

3) Wayne Goss Brush 19 (elastic candle, goat) caused Arrosto shade in the crease and a little ottachival to the top.

4) Cyst Zoeva 235 (beveled Dwapara, synthetics) restorefile border between the shades.

5) Brush Hokuhodo B004 (flat for application, canadian protein) caused the Dune shade on the entire mobile eyelid.

6) Brush Zoeva 238 (small for detailed work, goat) podushevoe border shades of Dune and Arrosto.

7) with the same brush Zoeva 235 caused Zand shade on the lower eyelid.

8) Brush Zoeva 230 (pencil, goat) highlighted lower eyelid shade Copper Sand.

Full image:

Daylight at the window.

The second makeup is a classic shaded area.

Daylight at the window

1) Brush Zoeva 228 (rastokina, goat) consolidated base Tempera shade from the palette ABH, then the same brush mixed shades Zand and Safari, and struck above the crease.

2) Brush Wayne Goss 19 (elastic candle, goat) caused Arrosto shade in the crease and darkened the outer corner.

3) Brush Zoeva 238 (small for detailed work, goat) caused Arrostro shade on the lower eyelid along the ciliary edge.

4) the brush Zoeva 228 (rastokina, goat) podushevoe border application Arrosto on the lower eyelid.

5) Finger struck Copper Sand shade on the mobile eyelid.

6) Brush Hokuhodo B004 (flat for application, canadian protein) duplicated the application of Copper tone Sand. Then with the same brush struck shade in the inner Dune area.

Full image:

Makeup of the third “arrow”:

Daylight at the window, it started to get dark and the camera vysvetlilas photo.

1) Brush Zoeva 228 (rastokina, goat) consolidated base Tempera shade from the palette ABH, then with the same brush struck the Safari shade above the crease and the same brush I added a little bit of Arrosto shade in the crease.

2) Brush Zoeva 232 (flat to coat, goat) caused the Dune shade on the inner corner, Copper Stand at the centre of the lid and outer corner.

4) Cyst Zoeva 235 (beveled Dwapara, synthetic) caused Safari shade on the lower eyelid.

5) Added the arrow to the liner from Tom Ford.

And the full image:

Daylight at the window, it started to get dark and the camera vysvetlilas фото48$цена7/10оценка1 week, 5P/nudelesbianwomen, beautiful and high-quality Upakovka
The high pigmentation of the matte shades
A lot of the product in Reile (2.5 g)
The beautiful metal shade
Good selection of shades for puteshestvennika price
Two almost odinakovyh shade
Matt is quite cold and can be messy eyelid

Conclusions: This palette definitely will not be my favorite, but I’ll be happy to take her on trips. Personally I think it is too cold.

My name is Sonya and thanks to everyone who read this review 😊.

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