Natural makeup with a highlighter and skin-conditioning serum with toning effect Lumene invisible illumination

Funds lumene Finnish are renowned for the quality and content of extracts of Arctic waters and Arctic cloudberry. Certainly if you at least heard anything about the brand, then you know all about the benefits of the ingredients used.

Caring serum-fluid with toning effect Lumene invisible illumination 30 ml


Weightless, oil-free serum with Arctic spring water, rich in antioxidants, cloudberries, restorative peptides and brightening pigments brightens, hydrates and improves the appearance of the skin making the complexion even and radiant. Unique balance of lights, colors and care.

A light highlighter “morning light” illumination Lumene invisible 15 ml


Gamma blurs the boundaries between care and makeup, emphasizing the natural radiance of the skin. All products contain Arctic spring water, Arctic cloudberry and reflective pigments for hydration, freshness and radiance.


The highlighter is available in three universal shades.

I have morning light, cool shade with a slight roswinkel.


Toning serum has a very liquid consistency, also available in three

shades, Universal light, Universal medium, a Universal dark and this is just mine!

The darkest shade, but do not be afraid, it is no wonder that toning serum, its light and fluid Texture allows to adapt to the skin tone.


Serum use for almost a year and during that time I appreciated every drop.

Liquid consistency allows you to hide all skin imperfections, however, thanks to the care component and toning effect transforms the complexion and removes dryness.

Feels no sense of a mask or the sensation caused Foundation. Leather looks sleek, the finish is slightly wet. But after 15-20 minutes, the serum settles and the moisture goes into the skin ( unless of course the base is not caused fat cream ).

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From shortcomings it should be noted the lack of spf and Shine in the t-zone, which on my combination skin occurs after 5-6 hours in the cold period of the skin and within an hour on a summer day. But I never use my powders, so here is my personal approach played a role.

The result after applying the highlighter and skin care serum Lumene

Despite the fact that serum does not overlap and 50% defect of the skin and is likely to give a Shine in the t-zone after a few hours, I love it!

I am not afraid arrogant glow or a subtle sheen to the face, I admit lively, slightly moist finish. In any case, for this is a mineral powder and the question would be settled.

Among the advantages worth noting

liquid consistency and moisturizing effect, if you are looking for a matte finish, then you here! And serum is the fluid Just a godsend for dry skin and for combination! I like a natural effect when you do not want to load the face of the dense layer.

I like that the serum does not emphasize dryness, but on the contrary it conceals and moisturizes the skin.

Highlighter in turn really has a very delicate Shine. I have a warm skin type, confident girls with a cold type he would have liked, even more than me! After lights out more silver with a hint of pink undertone. However, I often use it in a duet with serum or solo on the upper part of the eyelid or the top

arc .

It is very hard to overdo and it is certainly another plus.

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It looks like the highlighter in the evening under electric light with a flash.

I wanted to show him the radiance in the evening.

Evening image.

I don’t know how I was able to convey reality, but if no Highlighter I can do without the serum can not already planning to purchase another bottle, but I think to get a medium shade.

The serum is ideal for easy color correction of the face and in addition to moisturize the skin! Despite the fact that in summer the face is floating from the heat, in the summer I like to use it when I don’t want to put a few layers of makeup, and one serum to replace the tone and cream.

But this is only my method of care and transformation, it is possible for someone it is not acceptable. Nevertheless I advise to pay attention on the products of this line invisible Illumination.

Toning serum Lumene

Rating: 9/10

Price: 2407 RUB

Lumene Highlighter

Rating: 7/10 ( price )

price: 2044 RUB

My name is Ksenia and I Hope to be useful.

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