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Come in, talk about budget with the mask from the American brand Nyutrodzhina.

Along with the fashion for minimally invasive techniques with short-term rehabilitation, LED devices began to fill the shelves. Today, few people can afford for a long time to fall out of social life, that is why replacing circular braces and aggressive laser resurfacing come minimally invasive cosmetic procedures Latest trend and light therapy.

Do you remember when they first came out and was the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow? :)) The price Premium Deesse LED Mask β€” $ 1,800. Since then much water has flowed, Paltrow already treated crystals, I’m afraid to say where, there low cost options, but are still low cost than Deesse. The first budget (everything is relative) was a mask from Dr. Dennis Gross, following tightened Foreo with its unique designs and released the analog stick, and now they practically are in range of each brand.

The king of the state is considered to be Nyutrodzhina LED Mask and it’s my today’s story.

Very fast light therapy:

The mask uses blue light to kill bacteria and red to reduce inflammation of collagen.

It turns out that the bacteria that cause acne, sensitive to the study in blue. And if we combine it with the red radiation, which stimulates collagen production and prevents rashes, it turns out at all well.

Now, about the mask:

I ordered the mask on the green website β€” came in a box sealed with a film, complete with the mask was the activator of the MCU, which is responsible for machine start-up, after which it needs to be replaced. Replaceable activator is 14.99 dollars, and every month of use ( 30 times), the shit box is small, a lot of places do not take if you plan as well as I keep the mask and the activator in the box, then it is better with it carefully when unpacking.

The sides of the picture on the box manual, but even without it everything is clear. Insert the wire, press the activator after 10 minutes she will turn off. Nothing complicated.

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On the other side a description of what you can expect from this mask. The manufacturer says that you we need to see improvements in a week.

So it looked in the original build:

Personally, I mask resembles the mask of the katana, or mask, Stormtroopers from Star Wars. To some it may seem much more prosaic β€” the mask of the welder, but here there is one but any welder will tell you that the mask from the clone, and he has a shield πŸ˜‰ So let it be mask of Stormtroopers.

On the other hand we can see LEDs that are to emit light. If you decide to count them, you’ll find them here exactly 23 pieces. There are also glasses that protect eyes from the light, on them and kept the mask itself, in fact most of these glasses have wear to face, they will keep the mask. Glued on solidly, do not fall, and nothing to fall β€” the plastic is very lightweight.

Points on any head size, do not fall, stagger, if you wish the frame to move closer to the ears. But I would be very careful with this, as even when putting them on you hear a crunch that and crack. As you may have guessed, probably, a mask of very high quality plastic πŸ™‚

The thickness of the plastic? mm? half a millimeter?

Easy to bend back and forth.

It took me a whole evening to understand where I have met so plastic. He was painfully familiar, but I couldn’t think of a single cosmetic unit, the cans so plastic… before dinner…

Yes this is food grade plastic! Neither give nor take! I bet!

To put it mildly β€” disgusting quality, I’m not at 8.59 bought at all known sites in Chinese, and took the well-known brand for $ 42. Where quality, Nyutrodzhina?

And here is the activator to kotomu I have even more complaints than to the mask.

First the activator you get for free with the mask, you would like give a trial period for 30 days. After 30 uses of the mask activator is no longer included. Here is a Scam.

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You imagine? You have to pay for to enjoy, not only can you buy the mask and pay Neutrogena every month for $ 15 to include a mask which they have bought! By the way, all the other masks on the market work without activators is recharged from the mains. But not the mask from Neutrogena, for it you need a special activator which is a button to turn!Ohreneli?

The batteries came with the mask, thanks for it though.

This is my activator, I gathered a friend welder . Basically you need a wire with the same entrance as in the photo (I don’t know how it’s called) and the box-transmitter turn-off. The timer I have, but it ain’t hard to look at the clock and remember when pass 10 minutes.

Right switch: to turn on and off. Works infinite number of times.

Included was also present manual.

The mask cannot be used during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Pictures of key points:

Description how to use the mask, write that only on the clean face is very important information.

For example, in the instructions for the mask Dr. Dennis Gross written before mask and after you need to actively moisturize the skin and indeed it is.

And now we’re getting to the good part. So is there any point of this mask?

In short, Yes there is, but not like you have drawn πŸ™‚

When using a mask, there is a feeling of strong heating of the mask and indeed it is, if you touch a hand to the mask on the front side β€” there is heat. Therefore it is very important to moisturize the skin before and after. If in the examples as if you were standing half an hour over the stove and were cooking something.

It’s OK if you go to the salon for a light procedure will ask you a bunch of questions about your skin before the procedure, because in the salon you can get burned.

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Use a mask almost one and a half months daily and can confidently say that it is all inflammation are faster, they are dried, even had the crust. The mask works on the skin’s surface, really a positive effect on pimples and overall skin tone. The skin tone was better β€” less small pimples and even if appear, quickly disappear.

Painful closed comedones disappear very quickly and not starting to get sick of the red spot disappear faster. But the mask had no effect on their appearance, today’s my first day of menstruation and two pimple right there, although I’m already second month I use a mask. Today, again, used the mask and see that they are ceased in their desire to escape.

Last time one was held for three applications of the mask (the third day) he somehow slid back, leaving only a speck. Can’t describe it, but the inflammation simply disappears as if it was not painful hill… and only a trail of notes that were…

Therefore, I believe that the mask has a positive overall effect on inflammation, but did not help me completely get rid of the rashes.

Nyutrodzhina LED Mask is a good very low help in the fight against acne, but unfortunately not the answer. If you have a rash, you can take extra care for diversity, but don’t expect miracles β€” all pimples from the face it can and will be removed, but they will appear again.

To buy more expensive LED devices now not consider me enough of this mask and I understand that the high quality plastic will not make home therapy more effective. But if you are a purist, take Dr. Dennis Gross, holding his mask in his hand, heaven and earth, at least three times as heavy, and solidly made β€” not just a flap with a hole for the eyes.

42$Ρ†Π΅Π½Π°7/10ΠΎΡ†Π΅Π½ΠΊΠ°2 of the month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin

How do you like the mask? Whether the device with the LED?

Thank you for your attention


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