Neutrogena will present personalized Facials at CES 2019

Next week is one of the leading manufacturers of skin care is preparing to submit a new application Neutrogena MaskiD at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 – international exhibition of consumer electronics held in Las Vegas, USA.

The app allows users to get a fully personalized facial masks, made with the help of 3D printing technology. Neutrogena MaskiD provides the user an accurate assessment of their needs in skin care, as well as measurements of the person using the camera TrueDepth on iPhone X, XS and XR.

Enough to make self application to create a multidimensional map of their face, including precise measurements and the shape of the nose, space between eyes, lips and other unique physical characteristics. Further, the personalized data from the system Neutrogena Skin 360 create the virtual equivalent of a dermatologist can analyze your skin needs, giving recommendations about which ingredients will be most useful and where, in the opinion Neutrogean, they are best applied. Finally, using a patented 3D printing process, highly effective ingredients are implemented in a tailored hydrogel mask in those areas where they will yield the greatest benefit for that person.

New masks will be divided into six zones, and Neutrogena offer five basic ingredients that you can mix and match for each area of the face. They include vitamin C, purified hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, pyrethrum and stable glucosamine.

“The feature of 3D printing is that we can put the active ingredient you want, exactly where you need to any location on the mask, unlike the traditional product that you are trying to use around the face,” said Michael Southall, research Director and lead specialist at the technology of beauty in Neutrogena.

According to sébastien Guillon, global President, beauty at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., consumers want personalized solutions to skin care that meet their unique needs. “We believe that the sheet mask is a wonderful opportunity to meet this market need,” said sir Guyon, in a press release.

Neutrogena MaskiD will be sold exclusively on since the third quarter of this year.

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