New app helps avoid unwanted or allergenic cosmetic ingredients

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On the market there is a new French app for mobile devices aimed at consumers who want to check the ingredients in cosmetic products to determine their safety and effect on the sensitivity of the skin.

Free app called QuelCosmetic available for the second version, according to developers, has become more practical and well adapted to the needs of each individual user.

Currently the app has over 810 000 downloads. It should be noted that the action program is partly dependent on the user reviews on the products and their properties. To date, the application can determine 143 undesirable or allergenic substances that are present in more than 120 000 cosmetic products.

The emergence of applications such as QuelCosmetic, is another proof of growing consumer demand for transparency in the area of ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products.

This trend is also a symptom of what recently say many experts in the industry: consumers are becoming increasingly associated with digital solutions and the Internet in General, and this relationship is fuelling the appetite for greater amount of information when it comes to the safety of goods.

Some companies already make efforts in order to actively respond to this growing demand, and to take a decision on the provision of data on product safety into their own hands. Procter & Gamble, for example, last year launched a policy of “transparency of ingredients” for their brands, in particular, focusing on the flavors. And already this year, Sephora launches a new strategy of “transparency” product, which suggests that at the time of purchase, users will be able to choose a product that does not contain certain substances.

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Some industries have formed the opinion that open access to information about the ingredients can sometimes enter consumer confusion more than it helps them. A vivid example may be the rejection of the use of parabens safe cosmetic preservative. However, most industry players argue that the growing demand for transparency – a great opportunity for the industry.

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