New autumn 2018 – Sisley Phyto beauty Le Rouge Lipstick 20 Rose Portofino


This fall the brand Sisley released a promising and interesting accessories.

I had to try the balm-oil Phyto-Lip Delights Lip Oil Sisley in shade 01 (review here —, and lipstick in the shade 20 of a new line of lipsticks Le Rouge Lipstick Phyto – both tools did not disappoint me, but on the contrary firmly settled in my mind. The lipstick I plan to purchase another in a different shade (perhaps it will be 21 hue – testile it also hit the spot).

I would like to tell you a bit about the new line of lipsticks.


The collection of lipsticks the rich shades, it has 20 different shades ndovie, almost bodily: 10 Beige Jaipur; 11 Beige Tahiti; 12 Beige Bali; 13 El Dorado Beige; Beige 14 Copacapana; expressive pink and about pink: Rose Portofino 20; 21 Rose gebe; 22 Rose Paris; 23 Rose Delhi; 24 Rose of Santa Fe; 25 Rose Kyoto; 26 Rose Granada; bright, saturated colors (orange, red): 30 Orange Ibiza; 31 Acapulco Orange; Orange Calvi 32; 33 Sevilla Orange; 40 Monaco Rouge; Rouge Miami 41; 42 Rouge Rio; 43 Rouge Capri. Each of the shades has been called one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The variety of colors

I sitestyle many shades, bright I liked more as I go beige to brown, and these shades aren’t really my thing.

Found photos of several lipsticks on the Internet live. Maybe someone will be interesting to see (source: 1BEAUTYNEWS.RU):

This model interested me primarily because it combines care and colour is for me a strong argument for buying a product. Here that promises us manufacturer:

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“Le Phyto Rouge hydrating lipstick steady singing of the beauty of the lips. New generation gel, ultra-smooth textures – comfortable like a balm and silky like satin. In the composition of lipsticks Sisley the first time used innovative complex Hydrabooster combining 2 of the most important for humidification component: hyaluronic acid component glucomannan cognac. It forms the filling of the microspheres, able to catch water entering the epidermis from the dermis. Thereby increasing the volume of the lips and maintains optimal level of hydration of the epithelium. The lips become more plump and smooth.”

Interesting… Let’s check whether everything is so beautiful? Talk about their personal observations and sensations from the use of lipstick.

The appearance of lipstick

Lipstick is sold in a box. The set includes a nice velvet case Burgundy color. It’s a nice bonus, it’s a lipstick you can easily carry in your purse and it will not be scratching.

Has a very nice hard case (gold black Zebra)) on the magnet. I like it. Fingerprints are not left, not too glossy. The case is convenient because the lipstick can easily open and close with one hand.

The cut of the lipstick is pretty unusual. I somehow resembles a diamond. This form of stick I do not cause inconvenience in application, but on the contrary — liked.

Lipstick by the window Day. The artificial lighting.


In the lipstick include hyaluronic acid, Camellia oil and jojoba oil, padina pavonica and other conditioning ingredients.

I enclose a photo composition for Your judgement):

Feature, description, behavior on the lips

Tint 20 Rose Portofino is very beautiful.

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It is unusual. First thought on the lips it would look banal pink, but when I tried it on and a little reviled, hue was revealed in all its glory. Can’t describe the color… It’s pink hue, giving in some light violet.

From the Le Phyto-Rouge enveloping silky texture, it is comfortable and pleasant on the lips.

It is weightless and virtually imperceptible on the lips. The lipstick has an ultra-lightweight gel texture (provided that the texture is made by new technology “the pigment in a gel matrix”). Easy to apply as easily and evenly, does not create any discomfort, it does not dry and clog the creases on the lips, does not form lumps, does not emphasize wrinkles.


in the afternoon, under artificial lighting in the room:


compare swatches lipstick with other shades of lipsticks of other brands (from left to right: Giorgio Armani Rouge d Armani in shade 103, Le Sisley Phyto Rouge Lipstick in 20 Rose Portofino, Velvet gel gloss Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in shade 500):

Decided to conduct a little experiment and show the lipstick on two different girls: brunette and blonde. This will help you understand. how lipstick looks and behaves on two different people.


Blonde. Baseline: bare lips, without all:

Lips with lipstick:

At the window:

Day, artificial lighting:

In full:

The brunette:

I want to focus on the bad condition of my lips. They’re dry in the cracks was a small crust. My lips are not in the best condition. This is usually in the autumn and winter (at the same time, I always moisturize them using various balms).

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Initial state:

See how the lipstick will be on such problematic lips.


Day, artificial lighting in the room:

At the window:

In full:

At the window:


The manufacturer promises durability 8 hours. About durability the manufacturer did not lie — this is the first lipstick that really lasts a very long time. On my lips — a record 6 hours with a friend longer (around 7 hours with lunch and snack). The snack stand without difficulty, after a fatty food will have to improve (but it’s not gone — just the color was less bright and saturated), tea and coffee as you want, it will remain on the lips. What we have after 6-7 hours? Lips dry, feels like lip balm applied in a thin layer — very pleasant feeling, a sense of napisannoi inside, that allows to make a conclusion. what lipstick nourishes and protects lips.

Time use

Shade all season. It can be worn in

Usage time: week.


Ile de beaute: full price without discounts — 3 800 RUB., with a maximum discount of card: 3 040 RUB.;

in Rive Gauche full price without discounts — 3 650 rubles, with a discount gold card — 2 737 RUB.

Rating: 5!

And finally, for the sake of completeness:

Lipstick is like. I recommend at least to try)

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