New, bought by accident – Pupa 3D metal Material luxury eyeshadow in shade 002

Hi, “Kosmetiktasche”!

Prefer to buy large palettes of eyeshadow. Very rarely, if wow-what flavor, can afford to buy the shade of a single or a maximum of five. When one purchase in Israel need to get the product up to a certain amount. From the rich beauty of assortment stopped on a very original shade. Tempted price for the shares, which for the new items from the summer collection this year was very affordable. All pictures are taken in daylight from the window.



The product is Packed in a stylish tight box. All read design Pupa.

The shadows are in stylish heavy washer. Cover in the style of marble. The bottom Golden.

Weight 2,1 gr. Made in Italy.

The bottom is also a rich design. And basic information.

The composition of shadows. From the variety pleases the words “Paraben free”.

Packaging at the highest level. Take in hand – stand thing. The feeling of holding a luxury product. The casket is opened is not difficult. At the top is a mirror (though not particularly understand why, when doing makeup, you already have a full size mirror where you can see them). It weights the puck. Set with shadows (happy number) in the second part of the washer. There is also a sponge for applying shadows, which I do not use. Usually use brush or finger.

The grinding of the shadows are small, but it is tightly Packed in the storage location. Even with the drop shadows will not break, well, except that falls together with a metal set hammered. The texture looks decent and very appetizing for telemanija.

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Color pink-purple, satin, even stronger Shine you can see.

And that’s how color is revealed when once will hold your finger on the shadows. Wow! Purple metallic, like a fairy tale about unicorns.

Here chiaroscuro. In normal daylight the shadows of the burning lilac, with bright sun lilac leaves in a fabulous pink.

In the drawing I have any questions. The color is distributed evenly. Shadows either need to layer or apply patting movements if fingers. Or, you can take a brush with firm bristles. A soft brush of color saturation will not, no matter how naslovi. Checked on the clean skin of the eyelid and on the bases under shadows.

Just struck a finger on the eyelid. You can see how the shade has laid down.

In the light from the window caught the transition of shades.

And full image (shot on a selfie phone camera). Pink color is bright, intense, burning.

Another option. Slightly darkened area shadow shade plum and restorefile in the crease of the eyelid. All century hero of the post, applied with a stiff brush.

A little more light from the window.

Away from the window.

Full image (shot on a selfie phone camera). Yes, the brush loses the finger. Hue is not so strongly marked as on the last photo.

The light so formed that it seems feather do not understand how has gone far beyond the need. Girls, it’s all right with the outer corners of the eyes.

Trying to figure out his feelings for summer new Pupa three months. In the summer, of course, he most it. I love the shadows.. In the Arsenal of a few palettes. And shade never had any difficulty in drawing and shading. Even without the base they held for a long time. For the first time in many years of friendship with Pupa shadows collide with whimsical texture. That’s why I can’t say that Pupa 3D metal eyeshadow 002 Material luxury aroused the enthusiasm.

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The shade put 5, texture to 3.

Bought for 20 shekels (about 340 rubles).

Have you tried shadow collection eyeshadow Pupa 3D metal Material luxury? What do you say?

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