New cushion-Dior Capture Dream Skin Moist & Perfect Cushion 2018 (already sold out)

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Dior is an updated version kushana Dream Skin Total. The new product is called Dior Capture Dream Skin Moist & Perfect Cushion and gives even more dramatic results. Throughout the day new cushion helps to reduce the appearance of pores, minimizes redness and excess oil, making skin even more beautiful. Cushion simultaneously mattifies the skin and makes it naturally radiant, fresh. Besides, the cushion has anti-aging properties which day by day strengthen the skin. Sun filter SPF50 — PA+++ gives maximum protection from the entire spectrum of sunlight.

New cushion – Dior Capture Dream Skin Moist & Perfect Cushion continuously moisturizes the skin and cares for her, corrects and evens the complexion, blurs the flaws the light-diffusing properties to the included mica. For anti-aging changes, the innovative complex care skin (Concentrate Longoz + Opilia). Longoza, a legendary component of the whole line Capture Dreamskin. This is a rare and precious flower from the Dior Gardens in Madagascar, has incredible restorative power. Of scientists, Dior has created a new enhanced complex Longoza
Opilia. Opilia, rich in saponin, corrects color defects of the skin.

In line Capture Dior Dream Skin Moist & Perfect Cushion 2018 came out 5 shades:

  • 000 — colorless;
  • 010;
  • 012;
  • 020;
  • 030.

The most interesting shade of 000 — colorless. He instantly adapts to all skin tones and excellent care for her. He has a unique, fresh and transparent texture without the effect of the shimmer or Tinta, nevertheless it improves the complexion, corrects minor redness, enlarged pores, eliminates oily Shine and protects the skin tone clear. Its formula is a real technological breakthrough.

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New cushion – Dior Capture Dream Skin Moist & Perfect Cushion 2018 is now available in (exclusive online).

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