New Dior Capture Youth: new oil-serum Intense Rescue Serum-En-Huile Revitalisant, the enzyme Solution and Enzyme lotion anti-aging cream Age-Delay Cream Advanced: the first information

From Dior will soon release three new products in line Capture Youth.

First, a new oil-face serum Dior Capture Youth Intense Rescue Serum-En-Huile Revitalisant in a green bottle. The novelty is aimed at the rehabilitation, protection and nourishment that is so necessary in the winter. New oil serum can be used as independently, dealing her a thick layer at night to fully restore the skin while you sleep, and mix it with cream that will increase the nutritional, restorative and protective properties of the latter. Also the novelty can be applied locally to the areas that need special nourishment and restoration (cheeks, lips, nose, etc.). In model two precious oils known for their powerful nourishing and regenerating properties, argan and Tamanu, as well as Florentine iris extract, which has antioxidant and restorative properties.

Second, the brand releases a new enzyme lotion Capture Youth Enzyme Solution (150 ml) in a pink bottle, designed to gently cleanse the skin from keratinized cells, making it more elastic and youthful.

And third, the range of the brand added a new anti-aging cream Capture Youth Age-Delay Cream Advanced, more detailed information about it will be later.

New line Dior Capture Youth will go on sale in Russia approximately in December 2018.

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