New enzyme essence Lancome Clarifique Refining Essence Enzimatic Dual Spring 2020: the first information


From Lancome in the spring of 2020 will be a new, revolutionary essence for people Clarifique Refining Enzimatic Dual Essence. During its creation, scientists have focused on the enzymes necessary for activity of proteins that exist on Earth for over 4 billion years, and is said to be connected with the origin of life on this planet. Scientists have found that a fermentative process closely connected with the human skin, and had based his new product the extract of beech buds, which activates enzymatic process of the skin. Turned double-layered essence-lotion-based enzymes. In its composition of 3% essential oil and 97% of the extract of beech buds.

Before applying essence, you need to shake to mix the 2 layers. This vial contains a special patented Corolla. The tool must be thoroughly mixed before the formation of small bubbles. Essence exfoliates old, dead layer of skin, renews the skin, promotes its reincarnation, fights dullness, enlarged pores, uneven complexion, and makes skin beautiful, shining, and seemed transparent.

In Japan, the novelty will go on sale February 14, 2020release date in Russia is still unknown.

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