New Foundation from Lush – a new word in cosmetics packaging

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Earlier this summer, Lush has launched a new Foundation – Slap Stick, which, in the opinion of the brand, and meets several customer requirements: suitable for various skin types, it is considered vegan and has no packaging.

Slap Stick is a collection of 40 solid ovoid Foundation and is the latest addition to the ranges of fixed means for care of hair, cosmetics, toothpaste and sunscreen from Lush.

The product is made from natural ingredients and is claimed by the manufacturer is 100% vegan. Palette of 40 shades suitable for a wide range of skin tones. Special attention is given to the packaging of cosmetic products, or rather, the lack thereof. According to representatives of the brand, “naked”, without packaging, the new range of cosmetics from the brand offers an alternative to liquid products that produce plastic waste polluting the ocean. “Slap Sticks is the last reliable offer Lush,” notes research firm Mintel, which said that the product “raises the bar” for cosmetics without packaging.

Recall that the “naked” products Lush has occupied more than 40% of total sales Lush in Russia.

Cayley Thomas, project Manager at Lush, now head of the cosmetics Department, told Mintel that inspires the creation of new Slap Sticks. She explains that the reduction of plastic waste is a passion, Lush, the company assumes that this makeup is one of the worst categories in terms of contamination with plastic.

“When you buy online, Slap Sticks arrive in a small card package in the likeness of a matchbox. They are quite durable and fully recyclable, with a vegan coating, thus minimizing the probability of staining the box, explains MS Thomas.

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However, the concept of decorative cosmetics without packaging good marketing ploy, but in its current format it is not really suitable for long term use.

“In fact, we are working on a new long-term packaging solutions and we also design bag for makeup that is specifically designed to accommodate the new wave of “naked” products”.

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