New highlighter-cushion-Sisley Stylo Lumiere Fall 2018

At Sisley released a new multifunctional sticky colony Stylo Lumiere. The novelty sponge applicator, which is convenient to distribute the agent through the skin. New colony refract the light (the refractive indices close to the refractive index of diamond) thereby diffuse imperfections and wrinkles, refreshes, makes skin glow, removes signs of fatigue. In addition, like all tools, Sisley, they are great for skin care. Immediately after application the skin looks more fresh, radiant and rested, and complexion is more even.

New highlighter-cushion – Sisley Fall 2018 Stylo Lumiere came in 4 shades:

  • Pearly Rose — pearl rose (for skin fair to light shade with a pinkish undertone);
  • Peach Rose — peach rose (for light skin color with a beige or neutral undertone);
  • Soft Beige — soft beige (for medium skin tone with Golden undertone);
  • Golden Beige — Golden beige (matte skin with a Golden undertone).

New highlighter-cushion – Sisley Fall 2018 Stylo Lumiere is now available in

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