New lipstick MAC x Kate Clapp Milky Pink Nude Maker MAC Lipstick: review, Swatch

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Today let’s talk about lipstick , Milky Pink Nude MAC Lipstick Maker, created in collaboration with Katia, Klep (Kate Clapp). Many complain about the tone that he webalive, and it is said mostly by those who are a little dark — I agree with this, because this shade on me looks like I’m putty smeared lips. This shade is only for fair girls, a “delicious” looks tender, touching, and with a first glance, nobody will tell you that you have something on your lips.

In addition, the official makeup artist MAC Catherine @katerinaponomareva advises shade to use as blush, and really, this shade is refreshing and makes your look more natural. I use this lipstick: first I apply red matte lipstick and in the middle put this shade — it turns out very brightly, boldly + your lips will be visually a little more.

The texture of the lipstick is satin, very comfortable feel on the lips it does not highlight all the cracks and peeling, even lipstick and very nadowa. About fragrance lipstick I am silent, I love MAC not just for quality, but for the insanely delicious smell.

Overall, the lipstick I was pleased with, I won’t lie, I have such pale shades don’t really like, I’m one of those “specific tresnak”, but lipstick is now in my collection will remain, can only advise the girls with light skin, since they are, this shade will look more advantageous than in the dark. At the moment it is already sold out online, but you can search in the corners of the MAC.

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