New lipsticks with the star, Dior Addict Shine Halo Stellar Spring 2020: the first information


Next year line of lipsticks Dior Addict replenished with new radiant lipsticks with a star in the center (similar will be released from YSL, read about them here). The new lipsticks have a care formula, which consists of aloe Vera and a light silky oil. A pearlescent pigment in the form of a star needs to add some elegant Shine. Only the line will be released on 14 shades. In Japan, they will go on sale on March 6, 2020release date in Russia is still unknown.

Photo: bitekicom

P. S. I hope that these lipsticks will modify the formula, and they will not lie on the lips is just as bad as last year’s Dior Addict Shine Stellar (my review on this lipstick here), but judging by the fact that the composition of the oil again, hope to improve the formula is very slim.

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