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Today I propose to discuss a new range of MAC lipsticks Kiss Lipstick Powder. I’ll show you two shades, one Nude and one bright. I will say in advance, the texture is such that I have never met. I’m very impressed! For more details, welcome to under the cat.

Perhaps I’ll start with some General points. As always, the lipsticks are packaged in black boxes. They shared information on the line. Made in Italy, the volume of 3 grams.

Yourself cases of lipsticks made in the classic MAC bullet, but they feel velvety, rubberized. Very similar to the cases of lipsticks Nars Erdem, a Paradise for kinesthetic. I’m such a tactile sensation I love. In comparison with the usual cases they are more matte, so when a large number of lipsticks, identify this ruler will be on the cases.

On the sides of the Powder Kiss, in the centre case the main line of MAC lipsticks

And of course we must remember that such cases are easier to gather dust, scratches and stuff that will spoil their appearance. But as for cases MAC a distinctive silver small shimmer, he stayed and matte versions that will help to hide scratches, if any.

I have shades 306 and 313. I chose them myself according to the pictures on the official website of the brand. In General, the range is very wearable. About half is Nude, the second half of bright shades, mostly pink. And all my collection seemed quite pink. I can say that I got myself another shade, the darkest in the lineup. Be sure to buy it. But all shades are suitable for everyday wear, which is a huge plus for me.

Form of stick — classic finger. A sharp edge, small surface area, designed to paint the lips. The surface of the lipsticks is like powder and it alludes to the name of the line — Powder Kiss, as well as all the promotional photos that showed these lipsticks applied a thick layer of stick, but in the style of Ombre. Like in the next photo.

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photo taken from the official Instagram brand @maccosmeticsrussia

Overall, these lipsticks for its powdery finish hint at a hint, vague contour, a notorious effect of zatselovali lips. Mark invites us to use the same makeup a few shades to create the Ombre effect, or just the one that would darken the part of your lips, as pictured above. I want to note that I love is “Korean” Ombre when the inner part of the lips more bright than the outer.

the sticks in the daylight

The photo on the left shade 313 Scattered Petals — soft pink Nude. Right — 306 Shocking Revelation — a bright red-pink. Aroma standard for MAC lipsticks — sweet vanilla.

Now consider each shade in more detail. Let’s start with Nude.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick No. 313 Scattered Petals

So, it’s a soft pink Nude. In a single layer (left) lipstick almost transparent. On the right I layered it a dozen times. The lipstick has a very interesting texture. It is quite powdery, and when are lips, the feeling that you go over them with powder. The lipstick has a matte finish, and most importantly, does not dry lips!

For me it’s a big surprise, as my lips are very dry, problematic and often, even creamy lipsticks didn’t suit me. For example, in a classic palette MAC lipsticks is the softest line I dries the lips.

It is also important to clarify such textures in lipsticks I’ve ever met. It’s not liquid nastyushka as Lime Crime. It’s not a mousse-cream like NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, not Geleva-creamy lipstick with a matte finish, such as the same Nars Erdem. This is something completely new, at least for me. And I love this texture. For a start shows my lips without any tools.

And this is with lipstick.

daylight on the balcony

On the lips, unfortunately, Nude behaves not the best way. In the photo the lipstick applied to the lips in two coats, and feathered toes. My peeling at the junction of the lips she just did not lie down and the lower lip looks very dry. I came to the conclusion that this particular shade is necessary to put on my lips in one thin layer, barely touching, and then podsushiwati finger, otherwise it will look very dry. However in a single layer, it almost blends with my lips (remember the Swatch on the hand) and it seems that on the lips is nothing.

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daylight in front of the window

Generally, I would never say that on the lips is something there.


1480 rubles without discounts


4-reduce the points for that lipstick peeling stresses, and put a minus because it looks very dry on the lips. The full score can not remove, there are girls who like this effect.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick No. 306 Shocking Revelation

This lipstick looks almost red in the stick, but in fact it is berry that is a cross between cranberries and raspberries, red-pink, more pink side. To the left is one layer, right ten. In one layer it is transparent. Ten layers appears the color saturation.

I think it is obvious that this shade is more moist finish than the previous one. Nude Matt was 100%, and the berries quite a satin. And so I tried to put in different ways. First, let’s show you how it looks if you apply it with your finger, not following the contour. I was trying to do Ombre, but still, it’s not mine. So the layer is uniform on the entire surface of the lips.

Do effect zatselovali, slightly swollen lips. Finish with this application to Matt, as the main part of the wet effect we remove your finger. Shade is not clogged in my vertical folds of her lips and very delicately treated with the exfoliation at the junction of the lips.

In this application, the lipstick looks absolutely routinely. This shade of, let’s say in any situation. To go he will gently, and quite slowly, especially if you do not have. Apply all the same rules as when you wear any matte lipstick.

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daylight in front of the window

And then the tint applied in a single layer stick. And slightly feathered edges. It turns out that the powdery blurred effect as on the promo photos of these lipsticks. Without any effort on my part. Lips still not dry. But the relief is underlined more explicitly. I recommend layering only in the good condition of the lips, which I can not boast.

This is a more bright version, but still quite a day. I like the smoky effect at the lipstick. I haven’t seen any one brand. I admit that it can be created specifically, but here he comes himself. I directly inspired. Very autumn / winter theme in my opinion. So I’ll join the line independently of the other shades necessary.


1480 rubles without discounts


5, this shade went smoothly and I enjoyed more.

The moral of the story is. Texture — very cool. I had not met, apparently MAC has created something entirely new. Correct me if I’m wrong and this has happened before. Shades still recommend trying live, to pick up official spotchem difficult. Personally, I like bright more than Nude, but I think that it depends on the moisture level of the lips. My dry always, and not if I can get an hour to apply a greasy layer of balm Nude on me would look worse than bright shades. The durability of the lipstick is good, but not armor. And the most pleasant, she doesn’t really dry lips!

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Thank you very much, I spent a few minutes with me! I am very pleased. Hope I could be useful to you.

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