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The market of cosmetics and personal care products, without a doubt, is one of the fastest growing categories of consumer goods, and it means that to stay abreast of constantly changing market trends is extremely important to maintain competitiveness.

Selected the correct time is critical to ensure that the manufacturer fully could take advantage of the new trend, for two main reasons: technology development and production of cosmetic compositions should be at a certain level of development, while the second important element is that consumers should be prepared for that.

Belinda Carley, Director of the Institute for the science of personal care, pointed out that the market has appeared a new trend, but there is a significant difference between the emergence of new trends and actual consumer perception.

For example, the trend of organic cosmetics – when such goods and personal hygiene products first began to appear on the market about ten years ago, interest in them was limited. But at that time the production technology was flawed, which led to the manufacture of products that buyers are not perceived as needed. The effectiveness of such tools still had a long way to go, finding a decent preservative solutions was even more of a problem, and the absence of functional ingredients to give the composition of the important sensory characteristics meant that the cream consistency was comparable to oatmeal.

Belinda Carly notes that cosmetics that do not contain water, similar organic products ten years ago. Currently on the market there is still a limited number of waterless products, but a complete technology for creating truly effective formulations will appear in the future.

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Do not forget that consumers are still not used to the idea of the waterless products, and it becomes clear that more time is needed to make this makeup has had any significant impact on the market. The technology underlying these tools made perfect, in the future, and consumers will evaluate products, especially when they remind you that this is a small but important step towards the protection of the environment.

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