New mascara Chanel Mascara L Obscur Spring 2020


At Gucci released the first mascara Mascara L Obscur. The new rich creamy texture that allows to apply the perfect amount of mascara, leaving little of her lubrication, shedding or pilling after drying on the eyelashes. Mascara can be layered, thus creating different images — from the classic to the super-rich. The flexible elastomer brush ensures maximum comfort and ease of application, and its thin tip designed to capture the smallest of cilia in the upper and lower corners of the eyes. This mascara provides lasting durability up to 12 hours. Special attention deserves the love it mascara — its hard case pastel pink colour with gold engraved cap.

The mascara came in one shade:

  • 1 Eve Black — black.

New mascara Chanel Mascara L Obscur Spring 2020 is now available in

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