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It is expected that sales of men’s cosmetics in the next five years in China will grow by 15.2%, but the brands become more focused on young men-bloggers and blogerov that override standards of masculinity.

When Jiang Cheng first tried a bit of concealer during your first year of University in China, it gave him confidence. Now he is among hundreds of Chinese men who shared their beauty tips on the Internet and earn on the thriving men’s cosmetics industry. “I found that to apply makeup is actually quite simple,” said 24-year-old man, carefully putting on face Foundation.

“Women may not fully understand the concept of men’s cosmetics. If she applied my makeup, you may not be able to achieve the effect I really want,” said Jiang. Every weekend Jiang spends a couple of hours before your iPhone into a cozy makeshift Studio in Beijing, trying live latest balms and blush for the hundreds of viewers who can simultaneously buy the products he uses.

Online star, specializing in cosmetic, form a huge industry in China, blurring the line between entertainment and e-Commerce. Companies such as Alibaba and launched platform for live streaming, which allow viewers to purchase products directly while watching a video.

According to research firm Euromonitor, in the next five years, the beauty market for men will increase by 15.2% compared to 11% growth in the global cosmetics market over the same period.

Increasingly, foreign firms, for example, La Mer, Aesop, working with video bloggers, such as LAN Haoyi, to promote their products, nearly 1.4 million followers. “We see more people in the media make-up. Naturally, this will become the norm,” said LAN. Thus, among young Chinese men were transformed by criteria of beauty and masculinity.

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Despite social progress in many cosmopolitan cities, a video blogger claims that he still gets messages of hate and criticism for the appearance in the shadow. “Why the man looks so? Why a man should wear makeup? Here are some of the messages I receive”, says LAN.

However, Mo FEI, Executive Director of the Chetti Rouge, a Chinese cosmetic company, focused exclusively on men, says that over time this will change. “There will be more men who will care about how they look, and the requirements will increase. Men in the East are more open to such innovations, says Mo. We saw the potential in the market very early. For men to choose cosmetics, for example, shopping malls may not be very convenient, so the best way to buy cosmetics is an online store, so our sales strategy is mainly focused on the Internet.”

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