New palette eyeshadow Dior Show Tri (o) Blique Eyeshadow Palette Spring Summer 2019: the first information

Eye shadow

Have Dior soon will the new tri-color palettes for eyes , Dior Show Tri (o) Blique Eyeshadow Palette. Their release will coincide with the release of an updated mascara in hard case rubber Dior Show (the mascara has changed the formula and brush, the details will be described later). Palettes for eyes will be released in 4 versions:

  • pink purple gamma;
  • Golden-brown scale;
  • grey black gamma;
  • red-brown gamma.

In each palette for 3 shades with various finishes — matte, velvety-matte and radiant.

New palette eyeshadow Dior Show Tri (o) Blique Eyeshadow Paletteas the rest of the collection will go on sale in may 2019. More detailed information will be later.

Photo: makeupnews3

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